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41. Friedrichs, Robert Elmer Friedrichs, Robert Elmer Experiments; Laboratories; Safety; Nuclear weapons testing; Accidents; Nuclear fallout; Civil service; Cancer; National security;

42. Owen, Donald R. Owen, Donald R. Mining; Safety; Antinuclear movements; Security checkpoints; Labor unions; Diseases; Nuclear weapons testing; National security;

43. Campbell, Robert Campbell, Robert Experiments; Laboratories; Nuclear weapons testing; Safety; Nuclear fallout; National security;

44. Smits, Cornelius John Smits, Cornelius John Military service; Nuclear weapons testing; Laboratories; Safety; National security;

45. Roadrunners Internationale A-12 Session Roadrunners Internationale A-12 Session Pilots; Aircraft; Military reconnaissance; National security;

46. Allen, Philip Wymer Allen, Philip Wymer Meteorology; Weather; Scientists; Nuclear weapons testing; National security;

47. Wyman, Richard Vaughn Wyman, Richard Vaughn Families; Employment; Mining; Tunnels; Teachers; Research; National security;

48. Crooks, Lawrence Crooks, Lawrence Education; Military service; Employment; Engineers; Laboratories; Security systems; Nuclear weapons testing; Families; National security;

49. Taft, Robert W. Taft, Robert W. Nuclear fallout; Radioactive wastes; Education; Nuclear weapons testing; Safety; National security;

50. Ronshaugen, Stephen Craig Ronshaugen, Stephen Craig Nuclear fallout; Nuclear weapons testing; Accidents; Cultural relations; Radioactive substances; National security;

51. Ray, Roger Ray, Roger Military service; Engineers; Laboratories; Physicists; Electrocutions; Accidents; Experiments; Environmental policy; Nuclear weapons testing; Nuclear fallout; National security;

52. Olsen, Clifford Olsen, Clifford Scientists; Nuclear weapons testing; Safety; Laboratories; National security;

53. McWilliam, Charles McWilliam, Charles Cultural relations; Drilling; Economic & social conditions; Treaties; Laboratories; Nuclear weapons testing; Nuclear power; National security;

54. Ristvet, Byron Leo Ristvet, Byron Leo Education; Geology; Nuclear weapons testing; Laboratories; Nuclear nonproliferation; Experiments; National security;

55. Vitale, Louis John Vitale, Louis John Military service; Religion; Clergy; Antinuclear movements; Aircraft; Aircraft accidents; Nuclear weapons testing; Civil disobedience; National security; Pacifism; Prayer;

56. Roadrunners Internationale Banquet Presentations Roadrunners Internationale Banquet Presentations Pilots; U-2 (Reconnaissance aircraft); Military service; National security;

57. Sowder, Elmer Jesse Sowder, Elmer Jesse Military service; Nuclear weapons testing; Laboratories; Experiments; Safety; Photography; National security;

58. Flangas, William Gus Flangas, William Gus Mining; Military service; Drilling; Nuclear weapons testing; Accidents; Safety; National security;

59. Kriesler, Leonard Kriesler, Leonard Physicians; Health care; Diseases; Cancer; Accidents; Safety; Indian reservations; Military service; Nuclear fallout; Nuclear weapons testing; National security;
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results 41-59 of 59 item(s)  page 3 of 3 : ( <<  1  2  3  >> ) :: previous : next
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