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Rebel Yell, 1957-11-20:
Did Ms Nancy Jeffers eventually join PCV and volunteered to the Philippines? We are trying to locate her. She was our English teacher at San Roque Elementary School in Bulusan,...
Photograph of showgirl in elaborate sequined and feathered costume, Las Vegas, circa 1970s to 1980s:
Thank you for the info, Tom! We'll make sure to update our records. And thanks for visiting our digital collections!
Photograph of the marquee of the Colorado Belle Casino, Laughlin, Nevada, circa late 1980s:
Hello, Darren! Thank you for your comment and for visiting our digital collections. We did a little more research and found that there was indeed a Tamarack Show Lounge and...
Photograph of Sahara Tower under construction (Las Vegas), February 30, 1971:
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Photograph of the Flamingo Hotel at sunset, Las Vegas, circa mid 1950s:
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Slide transparency of performers during a Japanese dance scene in a Donn Arden production, Las Vegas, circa 1960s to 1980s:
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