Digitization Information

The images were scanned at 24-bit color on a Vidar TruScan Titan Atlas scanner, default color configuration, at 300 dpi to create high resolution, uncompressed TIFF images. This scanner scans at 24 bit color and will scan media up to half an inch thick and up to 40 inches wide.

The JPEG2000s were derived from the TIFF file. The metadata provides detailed information on the original and digital map. The images are not to be reproduced without permission. To purchase copies of images and/or for copyright information, contact University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries, Special Collections by emailing Peter Michel, Director of the Special Collections Department.

Digitization, scanning, and website presentation through CONTENTdm™ were done in the UNLV Libraries Web and Digitization Services Department. For more information see the department's website at http://www.library.unlv.edu/wds/index.html.