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Invalids' and Tourists' Hotel menu, Sunday, July 20, 1879
The menu is for a long since gone hospital Located in Buffalo, NewYork: The Invalids & Tourists Hotel. The Venue and Guide Book of services reads like a Little Shop of Horrors ordering guide! Anyhow this state of the art practice of medicine is well described in a flyer for said enterprise in my possession at this time. It is my opinion that just about anything entertained as a "treatment" would render digestion impossible; possibly excluding ANY clientele from engagements of a gestasious nature, however the menu likely serviced the staff of the building's doctors and whatnot. The Book references three miles of corridors ect. in the building. So, in conclusion: This MENU IS THE VERY FIRST HOSPITAL CUISINE EVER!!!!! WITH THE GUIDE BOOK FULL OF FUN FACTS AS PROOF OF MY CLAIM ABOUT THIS INSTITUTIONAL MENU. The director Ray Vaughn Pierce, M.D. was A DETAIL KINDA GUY and had his in this cuisine, no doubt.