Memories of the Bacchanal Room

Joyce Moore

The day my husband and I got married, we went to the Bacchanal Room at Caesar's Palace for dinner. I had never been in such opulent surroundings and was amazed that the waitresses could hit my glass with wine coming over their shoulders from a bota bag. We went there every year for our anniversary.

The Blue Onion

Joyce Moore

When I was in high school (1958-1962), Friday nights were reserved to "drag" Fremont Street. The evening always ended at the Blue Onion. If you were lucky, you got a spot at the drive-in where the carhops really did wear roller skates. Burger basket with fries and a lemon coke, my standing order!

Silver Slipper Memories

Rick Whitney

The Silver Slipper menu brings back memories. We lived in Las Vegas in 1963, and every Friday night my parents would take us to the Silver Slipper for dinner. After dinner my sister and I would go next door to the Last Frontier at the Frontier Hotel to play pinball games while our parents gambled. I now go to Las Vegas three times a year. I just returned yesterday from a week long visit. I love that place! I am strictly attached to Harrah's because they treat me right, and they especially take care of their Diamond Members.

Alpine Village

Mike Grant

My parents used to come here about every 6 weeks. We lived in Orange County CA. and they were always comped at the Sahara. We came with them in the summer. The Alpine Village was our favorite place. The chicken soup in those hot pewter cups. The cottage cheese app. The rest of the food was great and the atmosphere in the place took you to Germany. Never a place like it since. We were so sad when it was torn down.

growing up vegas style

Kelly jo Beeson

I was thrilled to see all of these images digitalized for safe keeping. My mother was a cocktail waitress for 35 years in Las Vegas and retired in 1979 from the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.


M.S. Leahy

My great grandfather, John Shea, worked in the dining room of the Montezuma Hotel around 1883. I don't know whether he ran the dining room or was the chief bottle washer! I suspect he was a cook because the family lore is that he ran his own little restaurant in Las Vegas, NM before returning to Kansas City with his wife and small daughter (born at the Hotel on 3/24/82.

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