growing up vegas style

Kelly jo Beeson

I was thrilled to see all of these images digitalized for safe keeping. My mother was a cocktail waitress for 35 years in Las Vegas and retired in 1979 from the Aladdin Hotel and Casino.
We spent many a weekend at the Union Plaza dinner theater, enthralled by the plays and perfomances. All of us kids would look forward to a night on the town, where my dad would order our meal for us. Every single time it was the Idaho Brook Trout, what a bust, but we never said a word. My dad was an avid hunter and fisherman, trout was always on the menu a home, too. I remember going on my first date in las vegas and my date describing the wonderful venison and trout offerings on the menu, I just looked at him and could not believe he wanted me to order something we had at home all of the time. Much to his disappointment, I ordered the T-bone.
Sundays' after church were spent at the Silver Nugget, everything so grand and elegant to us kids. Summers by the pool at the Dunes, with lunch in the aladdin room. Other days by the pool at the Landmark with lunch while our mom played bingo. Many days at the coffee shop at the Aladdin while mom was on shift, we would sneak in and have lunch then put it on her tab. Birthdays at Alpine village felt like we were in Germany.
The wonderful cuisine that we thought was extraordinary. My mom always getting the Shrimp Louie and ordering the club sandwich for us kids. Vegas is nothing like it was back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Thanks for saving these wonderful memories....all these menus. Can't wait to show my mom.