What is dmMonocle?

dmMonocle is an advanced viewer for digital images hosted in the dmBridge public access framework.

The goal of the dmMonocle project is to make very-high-resolution images, such as photos, maps, and scanned documents, easy to view across a wide range of scales. To accomplish this, it employs a pyramidal tile design in which discrete image tiles are downloaded as they scroll into view. (This is similar to a viewer such as Zoomify, except that the tiles are dynamically generated and do not need to be prepared in advance.) A thumbnail-sized navigator is also provided, enabling fast panning around an image.

dmMonocle is written in JavaScript and CSS. dmMonocle 1.x used the jQuery framework, and dmMonocle 2 uses the YUI 3 framework. dmMonocle is compatible with all modern browsers including IE 6+, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and other standards-compliant browsers.


Current versions of dmMonocle (2.x and above) are distributed with dmBridge and are not supported for use with CONTENTdm®. Earlier versions (1.04 and earlier) can be used with either CONTENTdm® or dmBridge.


dmMonocle 1.0 was presented with dmBridge in June 2009 at the CONTENTdm® Western Users Group Meeting at the University of Nevada, Reno. The following is an extended set of presentation slides for online viewing (dmMonocle is discussed on slides 23 & 24):


Current versions of dmMonocle only work with dmBridge, and are included in the dmBridge download. Older versions, along with documentation, can be found at:


  • Current versions: Alex Dolski, Web & Digitization Application Developer
  • Version 1.x: Brian Egan, Web/Multimedia Designer