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Voices from the past: Mike and Sallie Gordon

As the project evolves fun discoveries come to light. Recently we added a 1977 oral history of Mike and Sallie Gordon. As a young couple the Gordons arrived in the dusty desert in January 1932. Soon they were active members in a new and blossoming Jewish community and thriving members of a growing city that would become Las Vegas. Explore the site and read the words of other founders of Las Vegas. A great story awaits you.

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2016

Today marks Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HoShoah). On the Special Collections blog you can read a thoughtful essay by Nancy Hardy about Yom HaShoah and a few of the Holocaust stories found in the archives of UNLV University Libraries’ Special Collections. Click here to read:

May is Jewish American Heritage Month

Did you know that ten years ago President George W. Bush proclaimed that May 2006 to be the first Jewish American Heritage Month? The Library of Congress hosts a web site where you can explore the national perspective of those of Jewish ancestry in the United States’ history.

For your viewing pleasure: Growing Up Jewish in Las Vegas

In January and February, two small groups of adults who grew up Jewish in Las Vegas gathered to discuss their memories of what it was like to be young and Jewish here.  As with other projects of the Oral History Research Center, it is fun and insightful to hear the reminiscences of the group participants. They often spark a recollection from what another shares.

Child Survivors and Their Lessons: Illuminating the Future

You got us!

Headlines from Temple Beth Sholom Bulletin
Headlines from Temple Beth Sholom "Full-of Bulletin," 2003 and 2004


Future Generations will learn from Oral Histories

The voices and recollections of Las Vegas residents who have experienced local history bring Las Vegas history to life. We call them oral histories. They are not memoirs, but a conversational look at experiences and observations. For me, it is a great honor to listen to the recollections of longtime local residents: what brought them to live here, where their ancestral roots were, and living in Las Vegas for a number of years has been like, and how it has changed over the years.

New and Revised Collection Guides: January 2016

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Map showing Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Company line from Ludlow, California to Goldfield, Nevada, circa 1907:
You can also try viewing this image in our alternative interface available at: The item can be zoomed in on, printed, or downloaded more easily there. Thank you for...
Invalids' and Tourists' Hotel menu, Sunday, July 20, 1879:
The menu is for a long since gone hospital Located in Buffalo, NewYork: The Invalids & Tourists Hotel. The Venue and Guide Book of services reads like a...
Las Vegas Ranch:
What is the address for this photo? This might be where I live, because we were told that the home used to be the "Las Vegas Ranch" but I can't...
Map showing Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Company line from Ludlow, California to Goldfield, Nevada, circa 1907:
I am interested in a paper or digital copy of this map of the Tonapah and Tidewater. This web version is so small. I can not make out the...
Photograph of first XF-11 plane taking off, July 7, 1946:
I have seen a good many pics of the first XF11. But not this one. It shows either the first take off,or a fast taxi run. I don't know why...
Photograph of Howard Hughes supervising construction of the D-2, Culver City, California, 1943:
The canopy sure was different from th etwo flying prototypes

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