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Jewish Geography

Jewish geography. Essentially this term is used to describe when two or more Jews get together and discover who knows whose Jewish friends and relatives. Until this project, I was unfamiliar with the significance of this term. Boy, do I know it now! And it actually is fun.

What's in your garage?

The UNLV University Libraries Special Collections are actively seeking donations of historical materials about the Jewish community in Southern Nevada. We are dedicated to ensuring the long-term preservation of and access to historical, primary source materials about our region.

What we are looking for:

Videos about the Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project from our Supporters

We sat down recently with Shelley Berkeley, Michael Cherry, Mark Fine, Elliot Karp, and Flora Mason, and asked them to share why they support the Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project. Watch to learn more about when and why they came to Las Vegas, their thoughts about the Jewish community here, and why preserving this history is so important.

A General Overview

Jewish Heritage Project Six-Month Update - February 2015

With smiles on our faces, we enter the sixth month of this project.

New Oral Histories Added

The importance of this project is validated with each fresh oral history conducted. From one narrator to the next, the fascinating history and unique connections within the Las Vegas community unfold. From the recorded voices, a collection of memories and perspectives of our community is emerging. Narrators talk about coming here and about remaining here; of land development, education, religious, and businesses, and their careers and raising families. 

Archivist Emily Lapworth Joins the Project

We are pleased to announce that Emily Lapworth has been appointed the Visiting Special Collections Librarian to serve as an archivist for the Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project.  Emily will focus on acquiring and processing archival records as well as preparing biographical entries, organizational histories, and finding aids for the project.   Emily's first day on campus for her 18-month appointment is January 5, 2015.

Oral Histories With Jewish Individuals Held At UNLV

Among the exciting moments so far in the Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project was the discovery of oral histories, many conducted as far back as the 1970s, of community leaders who happened to be of Jewish ancestry. We’re in the midst of reformatting dozens of perishable cassette tapes that include the voices of past gaming executives, business entrepreneurs, and longtime residents.

Project Timeline

Project timeline is now available for
download on the blog.

Why Did The UNLV Libraries Initiate The Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project?

The history of the Jewish people in Las Vegas in many ways parallels the history of Las Vegas. Special Collections in the UNLV University Libraries documents the history of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. We collect, preserve, and make accessible rare or unique sources of information about our region’s people and environment.

Shelley Berkley and Art Marshall Co-Chairs of the Board of Advocates

Shelley Berkley (former U.S. Representative and Regent of the Nevada System of Higher Education) and Art Marshall (long-time Las Vegas businessman, banker, and former Nevada Gaming commissioner) have agreed to serve as co-chairs for the Board of Advocates for the Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project launched by the UNLV University Libraries in August 2014.