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Archives 101: The Mark Fine Papers

Archival collections provide information not just about the individual donor or creator of the collection, they also provide a look at other individuals and organizations that he or she was involved with, or evidence of broader historical trends or processes. For example, developer Mark Fine donated his papers to UNLV Special Collections this year, and his collection,"The Mark Fine Papers," is not just about him as an individual.

Previous Jewish Heritage Project updates

All blog posts for the Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project published prior to November 1, 2015 can be found here.

What's in your garage?

The UNLV University Libraries Special Collections are actively seeking donations of historical materials about the Jewish community in Southern Nevada. We are dedicated to ensuring the long-term preservation of and access to historical, primary source materials about our region.

What we are looking for:

Preserving Las Vegas

The Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project is part of UNLV Special Collections' broader mission to collect, preserve, and make available the history of Southern Nevada.

UNLV University Libraries | Special Collections | Mission and Purpose:

Project update and sneak peek at the Edythe and Lloyd Katz Papers

Summer in Las Vegas is a time when many people take a vacation and leave town to escape the heat, but here at UNLV Libraries we are still working hard on the Jewish Heritage Project. Many thanks to the individuals and organizations who have donated their records and/or oral histories to Special Collections for preservation and research use, and to our other supporters. We are currently organizing, describing, and digitizing these historical documents, photographs, and oral histories to make them accessible online, although some are already available for use in our reading room.

Collaborative Celebrates with a Click

The day to celebrate the creation of this portal about the history of African Americans in Las Vegas is about to begin. Director Claytee White and Project Manager Barbara Tabach took a moment to sigh with pride as they eagerly await the press event in the morning and a community event in the afternoon. Hours of work and the efforts of too many people to list here is to be applauded.

Dr. Sonya Horsford shares history of CCSD's integration

Vegas PBS and CCSD’s Equity and Diversity Education Department held a Teacher Event on October 7 at Chaparral High School. Keynote speaker was Dr. Sonya Douglass Horsford (shown here), a highly regarded scholar on education and a member of our Community Advisory Board. Her presentation, Freedom Struggle for Equal Education, 1968 – 1994, provided a local context to desegregation and integration of Clark County School District during that time period.

50th Commemoration of 1963 March

The milestone March on Washington was commemorated with two local Las Vegas distinct events both containing a call to action. You may wonder why after 50 years a call to action is even necessary. Although progress is acknowledged by most speakers, blacks in America still have a lower household income and a higher unemployment rate. So economic inequality is still present and still devastating in its reach.

Town Hall Meetings introduced AfAm Collaborative

During this past year of organizing the African American Collaborative, a series of three Town Hall Meetings were hosted at the West Las Vegas Public Library. The meetings introduced community members to the project, encouraging participation as narrators and sharing of personal photos and other memorabilia. The success of this project will be increased by the contributions materials and memories such as these.

10th Anniversary of OHRC Celebrated

Patricia Iannuzzi, Dean of UNLV University Libraries, and Claytee White, Director of Oral History Research Center (OHRC), welcomed guests to a remarkable panel discussion at Lied Library on May 5 to honor the 10th anniversary of OHRC.

Recent Object Comments
Portrait of balloon route excursion party at National Soldiers Home:
Thank you for your interest in our digital collections. What a great piece of history to have to remember your grandfather!
Portrait of balloon route excursion party at National Soldiers Home:
I have a photo of my grandfather, two of his sisters, and a great uncle on the steps of the Redondo Hotel. On the back is a poem about "Balloon...
Photograph of a man cutting pipes to length, Hoover Dam, circa 1931:
Thank you for your comment and for sharing your expertise. We have updated the record and the change should take effect shortly. We appreciate your help in making...
Photograph of a man cutting pipes to length, Hoover Dam, circa 1931:
Great photo- just one problem: the man is NOT welding, he is using an oxy- acetylene torch to cut the pipe. He is doing the opposite of welding, he is...
Rebel Yell, 1957-11-20:
Thank you for visiting our digital collections. Unfortunately, we do not have any further information on Ms. Jeffers. Best of luck with your search!
Rebel Yell, 1957-11-20:
Did Ms Nancy Jeffers eventually join PCV and volunteered to the Philippines? We are trying to locate her. She was our English teacher at San Roque Elementary School in Bulusan,...

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