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For your viewing pleasure: Growing Up Jewish in Las Vegas

In January and February, two small groups of adults who grew up Jewish in Las Vegas gathered to discuss their memories of what it was like to be young and Jewish here.  As with other projects of the Oral History Research Center, it is fun and insightful to hear the reminiscences of the group participants. They often spark a recollection from what another shares.

Child Survivors and Their Lessons: Illuminating the Future

You got us!

Headlines from Temple Beth Sholom Bulletin
Headlines from Temple Beth Sholom "Full-of Bulletin," 2003 and 2004


Future Generations will learn from Oral Histories

The voices and recollections of Las Vegas residents who have experienced local history bring Las Vegas history to life. We call them oral histories. They are not memoirs, but a conversational look at experiences and observations. For me, it is a great honor to listen to the recollections of longtime local residents: what brought them to live here, where their ancestral roots were, and living in Las Vegas for a number of years has been like, and how it has changed over the years.

New and Revised Collection Guides: January 2016

New and revised collection guides

Photographs from the Eileen Brookman Papers, MS-00620.

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Archives 101: The Mark Fine Papers

Archival collections provide information not just about the individual donor or creator of the collection, they also provide a look at other individuals and organizations that he or she was involved with, or evidence of broader historical trends or processes. For example, developer Mark Fine donated his papers to UNLV Special Collections this year, and his collection,"The Mark Fine Papers," is not just about him as an individual.

Preserving Las Vegas

The Southern Nevada Jewish Heritage Project is part of UNLV Special Collections' broader mission to collect, preserve, and make available the history of Southern Nevada.

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Rebel Yell, 1986-10-21:
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Photograph of Nancy A. Reiches, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, circa 1972:
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Photograph of Nancy A. Reiches, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, circa 1972:
This is my mom!!!! She taught statistics at UNLV in the 70s before getting her PhD in Epidemiology at The Ohio State University. She unfortunately passed away in 2006 after...
Rebel Yell, 1986-10-21:
I was so very fortunate to have travelled to England, scotland, Wales, Spain and Morrocco with Claude Rand. He led a very unique and intriguing tour. He was a gentleman,...
Venus Room, New Frontier Hotel and Casino, menu, April 21, 1955:
It's great to have these menus available online, but is the tiny viewing window so necessary? It's kind of a headache to have to scoot around the document, like looking...
Aerial photograph of one of Hughes' airfields, possibly in Culver City, California, circa 1940s-1950s:
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