Southern Nevada Jewish Community Digital Heritage Project

Community Supporters

Community support is essential to our success. Four groups advocate for our project, help us collect historical records and oral histories, and advise us on the development of the web portal. These groups include:

Board of Advocates

includes prominent leaders in the Southern Nevada Jewish community who provide significant assistance for the project in the form of public advocacy or financial support.
Charge (PDF)

Community Advisory Council

includes diverse stakeholders in the Southern Nevada Jewish community. They help us build relationships, identify potential collections, and give us advice about the content in the portal.
Charge (PDF)

Advisors on Research and Education

include professors, teachers, librarians, media experts, and others with scholarly, encyclopedic, or expert knowledge about Jewish history in Southern Nevada. They help us write, review, and edit content.
Charge (PDF)

Holocaust Advisory Group

includes individuals who work closely with Holocaust survivors or Holocaust education. They help us identify materials and write content for the portal about Southern Nevada’s Holocaust survivors.
Charge (PDF)