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Jewish Heritage Project Online Collection Guides - Now Available!

Photograph of Hadassah members looking at an album, 1960-1975. From the Mary Barkan Collection on the Las Vegas Jewish Community, 1964-1997. MS-00426.

Thank you to the individuals and organizations that have generously donated collections of historical documents, photographs, and other materials to UNLV Libraries as part of the Jewish Heritage Project. We are working on describing all of these new collections so that they can be more easily discovered online and more useful to researchers. We have also been improving the descriptions of some older collections related to the Jewish community of Las Vegas. Here are links to all of the new and updated collection guides that are currently available on the Special Collections website:

  1. Adele Baratz Papers, 1930s-2010. MS-00701.
  2. Mary Barkan Collection on the Las Vegas Jewish Community, 1964-2006. MS-00426.
  3. Burt and Wilma Bass Photographs and Programs, 1976-1987 and undated. MS-00716.
  4. Renee Diamond Papers, 1972-2000. MS-00377.
  5. Dorothy Eisenberg Papers, early 1900s-2009. MS-00528.
  6. Hyman Gold Papers, 1935-2004. MS-00496.
  7. Hank Greenspun Papers, 1962-1966. MS-00138.
  8. Nat Hart Professional Papers, 1945-2000. MS-00419.
  9. Senator Chic Hecht Papers, 1943-1989. MS-00003.
  10. Hank Henry Papers, 1934-1980. MS-00490.
  11. Jewish Federation of Las Vegas Records, 1978-2012. MS-00602.
  12. Edythe and Lloyd Katz Papers, 1934-2002. MS-00376.
  13. Ron Lurie Papers, 1972-1990. MS-00326.
  14. Joyce Mack Papers, 1970s-2014. MS-00732.
  15. Flora and Stuart Mason Photographs and Event Programs, 1965-2010. MS-00694.
  16. Irwin and Susan Molasky Papers, early 1900s-2012. MS-00661.
  17. Nathan Adelson Hospice Records, 1978-1992. MS-00318.
  18. Dennis and Roberta Sabbath Papers, 1970s-1991. MS-00731.
  19. Henry and Anita Schuster Papers, 1941-2011. MS-00580.
  20. Arnold Shaw Papers,1927-2006. MS-00031.
  21. Bella Tyktin Stern Papers, 1939-1997. MS-00296.
  22. Gary Sternberg Papers, 1983-2015. MS-00717.
  23. Taylor Construction Company Collection, 1954-1973. MS-00664.