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Women's History Month: Las Vegas Jewish women who made a difference

Program for Sisterhood of Temple Beth Sholom presents Ladies in Politics: If We Ruled the World, 1976. MS-00716, Burt and Wilma Bass Photographs and Programs.


They were pioneers. Trailblazers. The Jewish women in Las Vegas history have always been a powerful force in organizing charitable events, working in civic organizations and partnering in family owned businesses.

Early newspaper photo captions would identify the women as Mrs. So-and-so; her own name obscured but not her effort and participation. By the 1950s and 1960s women began to step into their own identity. Jewish women in Las Vegas were often partners in their husbands’ success. They also could stand alone for their accomplishments and leadership.

Within this project’s website you can become acquainted with dynamic women through their oral histories, the stories of others and photographs. Meet and learn more about: Edythe Katz-Yarchever, Susan Molasky, Joyce Mack, Shelley Berkley, Dorothy Eisenberg, Elaine Galatz, Marilyn Glovinsky, Mimi Katz, Renee Diamond, Sharon Walker, Roberta Sabbath and many more inspiring women who remind us of what is possible.

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