Harold Minsky

Harold Minsky (right) with cast and crew during rehearsal, 1960s
Harold Minsky (right) with cast and crew during rehearsal, 1960s

Harold Minsky, creator of "family style" burlesque shows, is known for bringing the Minsky burlesque spectacle to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1950s. Son of Abraham Minsky, one of the four Minsky brothers who started producing burlesque shows in New York City in 1917, Harold Minsky began producing his own "follies" at the Gaiety Theater in New York City. However, after the Supreme Court upheld a ban on burlesque theaters in New York, Minsky was forced to declare bankruptcy. He went on to produce shows in other major cities across the U.S., creating a show geared more towards a family orientated audience.

Minsky brought his show to Las Vegas during the 1950s, and "Follies" played at the Dunes for a six-year run beginning in 1957. He followed this up with productions at other casinos such as the Silver Slipper, the Thunderbird, and the Aladdin, until his death in 1977.


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