Linda Wilner


Linda (née Goldman) Wilner motto has long been: “Where there’s a Wilner…There’s a way!”


She has lived this motto her family and business lives. Since the 1970s, Linda has established a robust real estate career. She worked successfully with many companies and developed a keen sense for land development in the booming growth of Las Vegas. She worked with: Mark Fine of American Nevada's Green Valley development; Pacific International Realty; Rancho Vista Realty; and her own company, Wilner Associates, which later joined Realty 500 Reiss Corporation Management. 


Linda was born July 7, 1944, in New York, New York, and spent her childhood in Van Nuys, California. In 1970, she moved to Las Vegas with her three children, Evan, Karen and Robert. Not long after, she became a single-mom. However, the decision to attend a Jewish Singles event turned out to be a blissful one. That was where she met Martin Wilner, a clinical psychologist; they married in 1974. 

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