Michael Jay Shane

Michael Jay Shane (1961 -  ) is a natural musician and entertainer who moved to Las Vegas in 1995. Shane was born in New York City and is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts. He later attend the Peabody Conservatory of Music before launching his full-time musical entertainment career.  
Shane has had a varied and robust career as a musical entertainer, as an emcee, comedian, voiceover actor, and musician who plays the piano, guitar, saxophone, clarinet as well as vocals.  
He moved to Las Vegas in 1995, and jobs have included playing the piano at Wynn’s Tower Suite Bar, Bootlegger, and currently, Italian American Club.
In his oral history interview, Shane shares about his family and a childhood filled with music.  He discusses his career trajectory, and the influence Judaism has had in his upbringing and work. He details differences between working in New York City and Las Vegas, what makes Las Vegas unique for any musician or musical entertainer, and talks about changes in the local entertainment scene since corporations took over the gaming industry.  He also shares stories about his career, including working with Jerry Lewis and following Andrew Dice Clay’s stand-up act.
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