Natalie Wolf

Natalie was born and raised Jewish in New York City. She met her husband Rowland (Ron), also a New York native, on a blind date. They married in 1959 and settled into raising a family. Two of their three sons, Mitch, Kelly and Jamie, were also born in New York. They were ages 6 and 3 when the family moved to their new home on the desert.

Las Vegas has been home to Natalie Wolf since 1971. Smitten by the weather and scenery, Natalie knew it was the perfect destination for her. Unwillingly to move without a job, Natalie and her husband Ron were receptive to her sister Rita Park’s suggestion that the couple join her in the management of the Greyhound Bus Station. The Wolfs soon packed the car, loaded up their sons and drove across country from New York City. They would operate the Greyhound franchise until 1979.


Wolf, Natalie. Interview 2016 October 22. Transcript. OH-02871. Oral History Research Center. Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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