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Map showing location of proposed water lines serving Industrial Tract No. 1, Las Vegas Nevada,... 'Office of Ind'l. Engineer, Los Angeles, California.' 'Dwg. No. 568.'
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Map to accompany joint letter dated April 20th, 1931 to Mr. Gray concerning construction of... 'Union Pacific System. Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railraod Company.' 'Office of Industrial Engr., Los Angeles, California, April 20th, 1931. Dwg. No. 588.'
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Map showing location of proposed water mains to serve Hyde Park Subdivision No. 2 at... 'Drawing B-617.' 'Office of Vice President, Los Angeles,California.' Accompanies: L. R. Maag letter to Thomas A. Campbell, June 15, 1953 (Box 14 Folder W26 File No. 1).
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Map showing location of proposed 12-inch water main to connect Well #8 with settling basin... 'Office of Manager-Industrial Development, Los Angeles, California.'
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Map showing proposed relocation or removal of existing water transmission mains and power lines at... 'Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company. Union Pacific Railroad Company. Office of Vice President, Los Angeles, California, June 3, 1952.' 'Dwg. I-128.' Also shows location of land area proposed to be sold to the Las Vegas Valley Water District....

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