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Map of Tonopah Mining District, Nevada, revised edition, 1903 'Compiled and published by Booker & Bradford, engineers, Tonopah, Nevada.' 'Copyrighted by Booker & Bradford 1903.' 'Photo-Lith. Britton & Rey, S.F.' Insets of Ray Mining District, vicinity map of Tonopah Mining District, Utopia Mining District, Tokop Mining District, Weepah...
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Longitudinal section map, Montana Tonopah Mine, circa 1900s-1910s 'Longitudinal Section, Montana Tonopah Mine showing workings projected on east-west vertical plane.'
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Fairday Mine property map, May 25, 1916 'Fairday Mine, Cactus Range, Nye Co., Nev. property map showing vein outcrops and underground surface, May 25, 1916.'

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