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Geologic map of Clark County, Nevada, 1964 'By C.R. Longwell, E.H. Pampeyan, and Ben Bowyer.' 'Prepared cooperatively by the U.S. Geological Survey.' 'Topographic base from Army Map Service Kingman (1947) and Las Vegas (1953) two-degree quadrangle. More recent editions were published after geological compilation and are used...
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Geologic map and sections of Muddy Mountains, St. Thomas Gap, and part of the Grand... 'Geology by C.R. Longwell.' At top of map: 'U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 798, plate 1.' Includes four colored cross-sections.
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Geologic map and sections of area along Colorado River between Lake Mead and Davis Dam,... At top of map: 'United States, Department of Interior, Geological Survey. Professional Paper 374-E, plate 1.' In lower right corner of map: 'Geology mapped by C.R. Longwell.' Relief shown by contours. Includes seven colored cross-sections.
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Topographic map of area near Virgin River south of St. Thomas, Nevada, 1936 Scale [ca. 1:110,880. 1 in. to approx. 1.75 miles]. 'Bull. Geol. Soc. Am., Vol. 47. Longwell Pl. 4.' Published as plate 4 of Longwell's Geology of the Boulder Reservoir floor, Arizona-Nevada.
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Generalized geological map of the Boulder Reservoir floor and adjacent areas, 1936 At top of map: 'Bull. Geol. Soc. Am., Vol. 47. Longwell, Pl. 21.'

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