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Map of Las Vegas Valley showing artesian wells, circa 1920 Scale not given ; 1 map ; 66 x 55 cm ; Blueline print ; Cadastral map ; Includes township and range grid ; Includes quotations
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Map of Las Vegas Rancho, Lincoln County, Nevada, September 15, 1904 'Being part of Township 20 S. R.61 E. MT. D. B.&.M, containing 1864.49 acres. Division engineer's office at the front, AMB, September 15th, 1904. A.L. Jones, Division Engineer. Surveyed by W.G. Watson, Assistant Engineer. Dwg. 30296.' Includes traverse table. Shows...
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Plat showing cultivated land in the Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, December 8, 1902 'John T. McWilliams, U.S.M. Surveyor, Goodsprings, Nevada.' 'Dec. 8th 1902.' '60-A-Pt.II' handwritten in upper right corner. This is map of the Stewart Ranch, which was originally the Las Vegas Ranch, site of the Old Mormon Fort.
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Plat map of El Rancho Village, Clark County, Nevada, July 28, 1942 Map of housing subdivision outside the Las Vegas city limits. 'Approved this 28 day of July1942, by the City Planning Commission of the City of Las Vegas, County of Clark, Nevada. Approved this 28 day of July 1942, by the...
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Map showing home-site lands in the Las Vegas Valley, 1955 Scale [1:84,269. 1 in. to 1 1/3 miles] ; 1 map : col. ; 57 x 50 cm. on sheet 89 x 59 cm ; Cadastral map ; Gives definition of township, section and acre ; Relief shown...

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