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General highway base map, state of Nevada, 1975 'Prepared by Nevada State Highway Department, Planning Survey Division, in cooperation with U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.' 'Copyright Nevada State Highway Department.' 'Transverse mercator projection. Mount Diablo base and meridian. 50,000 meter universal transverse mercator grid zone 11.'...
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Regional map showing main air, highway, bus and railroad transportation, October 30, 1945 50 x 70 cm. Blue-line print. Shows Arizona, western New Mexico, southwestern Utah, southern Nevada, and southern California. Also shows irrigation projects constructed and under construction. "Oct. 30, 1945. Rev. 2-14-46." "Drawn and traced by F. R. M."
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Map of Clark's Las Vegas Townsite, Lincoln County, Nevada, May 10, 1905 Scale: 1" = 100'. 1 map ; 28 x 22 cm. Verso of map is an announcement of the auction to be held May 15, 1905, for lots in the Las Vegas townsite. Pricing and lot information is included, as...

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