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Map of the Las Vegas Strip, 1953 Scale [ca. 1:9,600. 1 in. to approx. 800 ft.] ; 1 map : col. ; 57 x 29 cm ; Cadastral map ;
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Map of greater Las Vegas area, 1964-1965 Scale [ca. 1:51,322] ; 1 map ; 55 x 43 cm ; Panel title: Front Boy's official 1964-1965 edition street map : detailed guide of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Paradise Valley and vicinity ; Originally folded to: 29 x...
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Map of Las Vegas, Nevada, July 1947 'Prepared by Porter & White Agency. Typography by Marc Wilkinson.' 'Travel-Aid. A Ballinger publication, copyright, July 1947.' Panel title: 'Las Vegas, Nevada invites you! : see Boulder Dam, Lake Mead.' Includes information on Las Vegas, business directory, advertisements and...
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Map of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and The Strip, 1956 1956 ed. 'Compiled by Redwood Publishing Co. Copyright 1956 by Robert E. Barringer ... Las Vegas, Nevada.' Panel title: Welcome map, greater Las Vegas area and scenic routes to and from there. Map of California from San Francisco to Los...
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Map of metropolitan Las Vegas, Nevada, 1971 At top of map: 'Avis Rent a Car System.' 'Copyright The H.M.Gousha Company... San Jose, Calif.' '8-SS-1044-S.' Scale [ca. 1:43,718]. 1 in. equals approx 0.69 miles. On verso: map of 'Las Vegas [and] Lake Mead Recreational Area, 1971...
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Map of the Las Vegas Strip, downtown Las Vegas and surrounding areas, 1987 Panel title: Las Vegas illustrated pocket map. Bird's-eye view map of the Strip and downtown Las Vegas. Shows casinos, motels, golf courses, recreational vehicle parks, and other places of interest to tourists. Includes indexes. Includes text and inset map of...
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Map of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and vicinity, June 1975 'Cartographic Department. Copyright by California State Automobile Association. C6-75.' 'Issued by California State Automobile Association and Automobile Club of Southern California. 6-75' on front panel. Indexes on map verso. Scale [ca. 1:32,400. 1 in. to approx. 2700 ft.].
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Street map of greater Las Vegas, Nevada, 1984 'The professional street map of greater Las Vegas, Nevada. Detailed guide of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Paradise Valley & vicinity' -- front panel. ' Street index on map verso.
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Las Vegas street map and Lake Mead Recreation Area pictorial map, 1979 'Covering Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Winchester, Paradise and East Las Vegas from Craig Road on the north to Sunset Road on the south and Nellis Boulevard on the east to Jones Boulevard on the west' -- front...
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Map of Las Vegas Valley area, 1969 'Featuring Las Vegas ... North Las Vegas ... Paradise Valley.' '1969 edition - revised' -- top of map.
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Maps of Las Vegas metropolitan area, Grand Canyon National Park and national parks near Las... 'Cartography, H. Frommer, J. Habersetzer, R. Jendrzejewski, K. Berndtson, M. Grünke, P. Heine, K. Borch. ' On map verso: statistics on Las Vegas, U.S. time zones, maps of Las Vegas and region, Las Vegas and national parks, Grand Canyon National...
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General map of Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1957 'Compiled and issued by the Campbell Realty Company.' At top pf map: ' Greater Las Vegas.' Shows names of housing tracts and locations of hotels and motels on the Las Vegas Strip. Includes indexes and photographs of local recreation and...
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Map of Las Vegas and vicinity, including Henderson and Boulder City, Nevada, 1958 53 x 52 cm. on sheet 56 x 87 cm. Includes inset maps of Boulder City, Henderson, Nellis Air Force Base and Las Vegas area. Map was probably published in 1958 because it shows the Stardust Hotel and Casino, which...

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