Photograph of the Von Tobels and the Beckleys with their first artesian well, 1909


Photograph of the Von Tobels and the Beckleys with their first artesian well, 1909
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., and Jake and William Beckley are shown on their Paradise Valley property with their first artesian well
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Transcribed from photo sleeve: "L-R: Mr. & Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., Jake and Wm. Beckley are shown on their Paradise Valley Property with their first artesian well, 1909."
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Information provided by Special Collections: "Early Las Vegas History: Ed Von Tobel was the founder of Von Tobel's. His parents were Swiss emigrants. They settled in Illinois and their home was the first overnight stopping point that many Swiss emigrants had when they first came to the United States. A Swiss family came to the United States named Beckley. They stayed with the Von Tobels until they were settled in their new country. Ed Von Tobel, Sr. came to Las Vegas on the first public train, May 25, 1905. The next year the Beckley brothers came to Las Vegas. One Beckley, William (Bill, as he was commonly known) had a men's clothing store on the southwest corner of First and Fremont Streets, for many years. The other Beckley had one of the first motels in Las Vegas, located on Las Vegas Blvd. South. Being from a farm section of the United States (Illinois), Jake Beckley and Ed Von Tobel attempted to develop an Illinois type farm in what is now Paradise Valley. This picture shows them with their first artesian well. The time is 1909. Reading left to right are Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Jake and Wm. Beckley. Jake Von Tobel, the first born of Mr. and Mrs. Von Tobel, was born in 1909--so this picture must have been taken in January or February of 1909."
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