Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking northeast, circa 1931


Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking northeast, circa 1931
Aerial view of Las Vegas looking northeast
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Transcribed from photo sleeve: "Aerial view of Las Vegas, 1931. Center foreground are the Union Pacific R.R. Co. shops with two tall standpipes. Las Vegas High School, gym, and adjoining Butcher Memorial Football Field are at the right of center."
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Information provided by Special Collections: "Early Las Vegas History, about 1931, by Florence Lee Jones - March 1969: This aerial view of Las Vegas was taken in about 1931, at the start of the Boulder Dam construction period. The new Las Vegas High School had been opened the year before (note the cluster of buildings at Seventh Street and Bridger Avenue, right of center, with the high school, gymnasium and adjoining Butcher Memorial Football Field (Las Vegas High). In the center foreground are the Union Pacific Railroad Company shops, with two tall stand-pipes. To the right of the shops stood the 'Round House', which was used to turn around the locomotives and put them into stalls for repairs. In the right foreground were the stockyards of the railroad, located just north of the present West Charleston Boulevard underpass. At the stockyards cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses were unloaded from the cars and placed in pens for feeding and for rest from long rail travel. The stockyards remained in use until after World War II, when the late George Ashby, then President of the Union Pacific, initiated the use of Diesel engines on the trains. This shortened the travel time and eliminated the need for the stockyards. The 'atmosphere' at that part of town was then greatly improved. The Railroad Company has a subsidiary, the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, which from the beginning of the town was managed by the late Walter Bracken. The land owned by the Railroad Company was sold through this agency; and the water mains, wells and distribution system were company property. The mains extended only to Fifth Street (now called Las Vegas Blvd.) and most of the trees and foliage ended there, as the picture shows. Private water companies supplied other subdivisions. The turn in Fremont Avenue, going toward Sunrise Mountain, now is the intersection with East Charleston Boulevard."
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1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933
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Circa 1931
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