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Bill granting to Las Vegas Valley Water District right of way to certain public lands... Legislative bill to grant right-of-way to the Las Vegas Valley Water District to lands between Lake Mead, Henderson, and Las Vegas. It also grants access to Basic Management Inc. to allow for the conveyance and distribution of water.
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Photograph of bridge over Vegas Creek, Las Vegas, circa 1900 Photograph of bridge over Las Vegas Creek south of the Old Mormon Fort.
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Photographic record of storm damage to Union Pacific Railroad railway lines, March 2, 1938 Selected pages from a photographic record book of the damage to the main rail line from California to Utah from a 1938 storm. Text accompanying photos include description of track location.
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Photograph of trees and house at Las Vegas Ranch, circa 1905 Trees and house on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Photograph of the bridge over Las Vegas Creek, circa 1905 Bridge over Las Vegas Creek.
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Photograph of two unidentified women on the bridge at Indian Springs, Nevada, circa 1930. Two women standing on the bridge that spans over the creek at Indian Springs, Nevada.
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Photograph of flooding at the Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass in Las Vegas, circa 1950 Flooding at the Clark Avenue Railroad Underpass in Las Vegas.
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Photograph of the flooded Charleston Underpass, Las Vegas, before 1960 Flooding in Las Vegas at the Charleston Underpass.
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Photograph of buildings and pond at Lorenzi Park, circa 1931 Buildings, bridge and pond at Lorenzi Park
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Report on Moapa Flood, August 11, 1941 Report of the damage caused by a flood in August 11, 1941.
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Report on flood control survey in Clark County, Nevada and data on Southern Nevada, 1938 Dated March 31, 1934 with appendices added from 1938, this report contains photographs and summaries of 18 areas in Southern Nevada, specifically the northeastern portion of Clark County and a small area in Arizona. The report was to serve as...
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Photograph of footbridge over Las Vegas Creek, circa 1905 Footbridge over the Las Vegas Creek.
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Photograph of a bridge over the Las Vegas Creek, circa 1940 Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch with a footbridge built over it
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Photograph of Cottonwood Aerial Ferry, 1930-1935 Cottonwood Aerial Ferry carried customers between Searchlight, Nevada and Chloride, Arizona. It is now under Lake Mohave. Sign with ferry rates: Car $2.00, Truck $2.50, Motorcycle $1.00, Horseman .50, Stock .50, Pedestrian .25
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Book excerpt, Report upon United States geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, 1889 Report, maps, and engravings of the survey of the area including Southern Nevada. The text offers a discussion about irrigation and artesian wells in the survey region, including a comparison between the valleys of the western United States and those...
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Report of damage to agriculture by flood water, Muddy River, October 29, 1946 List of properties damaged in a flood in October of 1946 in the Moapa valley with details of damage to each property.
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Investigative report on underground leakage from artesian wells in the Las Vegas Area, 1938 Investigation of underground leakage of Las Vegas artesian wells.

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