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Photograph of a group of people in and around swimming pool at Ladd's Resort, Las... Group of people, primarily children posing near the swimming pool at Ladd's Resort, the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Photograph of Bill Tomiyasu and his children standing in his lettuce patch, Las Vegas, 1923 Kiyo, Bill, and Nanyu Tomiyasu in their lettuce field.
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Photograph of Bill Tomiyasu and children standing in his wheat field, Las Vegas, circa 1925 Bill, Kiyu, and Nanyu Tomiyasu in their wheat field looking northwest
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Photograph of Hannig's Ice Cream Parlor in St. Thomas, 1952 Albert Hafner examines St. Thomas buildings that rose to the surface of the desert in 1952. With him are daughters Linda and Ilene and their friend Hazel Hall.
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Photograph of artesian well on Eglington Ranch, circa 1912 Artesian well on the Eglington Ranch. Photograph includes one of Dara's boys.
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Photograph of children gathered by an artesian well near Tule Springs, circa 1938 (left to right) Celia Rivero, Johnny Weber and Alfonso Rivero gathered by a well near Tule Springs with Margarita Rivero and Maria Weber looking on.
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Photograph of farmland on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, circa 1953 Men irrigating new alfalfa on the T & T Ranch in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of people sitting on a log in the middle of a swimming area at... Several people in swimming suits relaxing on a log in the water at Indian Springs
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Photographs of prayer dedication of the Boulder Dam site, circa 1931 Two views of the assembled guests present for the dedicatory prayer of the Hoover Dam construction site.
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Photograph of abandoned vehicle in St. Thomas, 1952 Hazel Hall, Albert Hafner, Linda Hafner, and Ilene Hafner playing with an abandoned vehicle in St. Thomas.
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Photograph of a group of men releasing live rainbow trout into a pond, late 1950s Rainbow trout being released into a pond
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Photograph of flowing artesian well with group of unidentified people, before 1920 Flowing artesian well and a group of unidentified people.
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Letter from Harold J. Stocker (Clark County, Nevada) to Harold L. Ickes (Washington, D.C.) February... Clark County commissioner asking the Secretary of the Interior to use some of the funds from the Arid Lands Fund to create a drinking water system in the Moapa Valley.
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Letter from C. O. Whittemore (Salt Lake City) to William McDermott (Las Vegas), December 5,... C. O. Whittemore, General Attorney for the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company recommends that if the Creek runs off the ranch property at any time, that the creek either be diverted or piped.
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Photograph of four girls near outlet of artesian well, Pahrump, Nevada, before 1950 Four children at the outlet of an artesian well.
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Photograph of swimming pool at Ladd's Resort, Las Vegas, 1920s-1930s The swimming pool at Ladd's Resort in Las Vegas.
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Letter including ad for the Las Vegas Review-Journal from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to... Text of a notice to be printed in the Las Vegas Review-Journal announcing a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for damage to the cover to the Big Spring.
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Letter from E. E. Bennett (Los Angeles) to Calvin M. Cory, March 17, 1947 The city asked the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. to either fence or place Las Vegas Creek in a culvert, and Bennett was asking if they were obliged to do so.

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