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Violation notice of the water waste city ordinance, 1950 Violation notice (front and back) informing violators that if they violated the ordinance again they may be arrested (City Ordinance No. 218)
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Price list and blueprint from E. M. Jessup (Los Angeles) for plans to erect housing... Plans and detailed cost estimate for covering over the Big Spring
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Work orders for additional pipelines to increase existing water supply line, Las Vegas, April -May... The first sheet, form 30, a work order authority for extensions and additions to the water supply line on the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad Company's property, includes a description of the work and the necessity for the work,...
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Bill of sale from Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad to Union Pacific Railroad Company... Bill of sale by the grantor, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company to assign, transfer, and convey to the grantee, Union Pacific Railroad Company water production facilities including springs, spring houses, water wells, settling basins, reservoirs, storage tank, pipe...
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Postcard showing artesian well near Las Vegas, March 6, 1920 Artesian well located approximately 4 (four) miles from Las Vegas, on a ranch. Water was used for irrigation.
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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas in the 1920s Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking north.
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Photograph of Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1905 Tents and horses by the Las Vegas Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Postcard showing a visualized Las Vegas after completion of the Hoover Dam, circa 1930 Postcard depicting an aerial view of the Las Vegas area as envisioned after the completion of Hoover Dam
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Postcard showing the Lake Mead boat landing at the Boulder Dam National Recreation Area, circa... Postcard depicting the boat landing at Hemenway Wash on Lake Mead
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Photographic postcard of Hemenway Wash, Nevada and Colorado River, 1932 View of the river and Hemenway Wash, with Ragtown (Williamsville) on the banks of the river.
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Aerial photograph postcard of Las Vegas looking north, circa 1920s Aerial view of Las Vegas
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Postcard showing Old Fort Callville near Las Vegas, before 1938 Colorized photograph of Fort Callville on the banks of the Colorado River.
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Photograph of two men at an artesian well, Wixon Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1920s Floyd Farmer (on right) and an unidentified man standing next to a flowing artesian well on Wixon Ranch.
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Postcard showing the Evey Well, circa 1908-1909 Men standing next to a drilling rig looking at the Evey Well.
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Photograph of excavations in process at the Lost City near St. Thomas, Nevada, circa 1925
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Postcard showing Eglington Well, circa 1915 Well dug by Peter Buol on the Eglington Ranch.
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Postcard showing the Evey Well, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1910 Artesian well on Evey Ranch.
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Postcard showing burros on the Stewart Ranch, before 1903 A herd of wild burros drinking from the Las Vegas Creek on the Stewart Ranch
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Postcard showing Chrystal Beauty Well, before 1920 Chrystal Beauty well owned by F. W. Eglington.
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Work order authority for extensions and additions to existing property, September 6, 1939 Engineering department work order detailing work to be done and estimate for new well on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Estimate of cost for drilling well at Las Vegas Ranch, August 26, 1939 Cost estimate for a new well on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Handbill announcing water outage, Las Vegas, December 11, 1925 Notice that the water would be shut off on 11 December 1925 from 7 to 10 a.m.
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Letter from Las Vegas Land and Water Company (Las Vegas) to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene... Detailed charges of the Bernard's water service at two locations.
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Photograph of artesian well spouting water, Eglington Ranch, Nevada 1912 Spouting artesian well on the Eglington Ranch with the notation that the spout is 25 feet high.
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Postcard, Silvery waters of Vegas Creek, circa 1910 Irrigation headgate on the Las Vegas Creek.
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Recapitulation of projects for first revision lower Colorado drainage basin problems and programs for Nevada,... Prioritized list of projects and estimated costs for flood/erosion control projects in southern Nevada.
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Proposed improvements and costs of Las Vegas Valley Water District listed by James M. Montgomery... Detailed list by a consulting engineer itemizing costs of proposed improvements by the Las Vegas Valley Water District after the change in ownership of the Las Vegas water facilities.
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Schedule of rates, rules and regulations of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, December... Detailed list of water rates and rules for water usage in Las Vegas.
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Postcard with view of Goodsprings, Nevada, after 1910 View of Goodsprings from the bench over the town.
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Announcement of registration to vote on the September 30 bond issue, 1953 Notice to property owners of the upcoming bond issue election and the necessity of their pre-registration to participate, and the bond issue announcement. Appointed division deputy registrars are named in the document. Includes date stamp from E. E. Bennett. Chief...
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Notice inviting sealed proposals for the purchase of $8,700,000 waterworks bonds of Las Vegas... Prospectus for the Las Vegas Valley Water District's $8.7 million bond issue. This notice is given pursuant to the Las Vegas Valley Water District Board of Directors resolution adopted April 2, 1954. Date stamp from E. E. Bennett
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Envelope from the Las Vegas Valley Water District addressed to E. E. Bennett postmarked September... Envelope from the water district showing the district's logo.
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Resolution of the Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Valley Water District, October 12,... Declaration of the results of the canvass of election returns of the special bond election held September 30, 1953.
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Proposed official statement respecting $8,700,000 usage of waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water... The official statement of the Las Vegas Valley Water District prepared to be used in the sale of the $8.7 million bonds described within. Overview description of the area in history, geology, tourism trade, agriculture, industry with appendices in back....
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Report, Land cover types of the Las Vegas Wash, Nevada, September 2007 In-depth survey of the plants that cover the Las Vegas Wash.

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