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Photograph of four girls near outlet of artesian well, Pahrump, Nevada, before 1950 Four children at the outlet of an artesian well.
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Photograph of flooding in Carp, Nevada, 1905 Flooding in Carp, Nevada, 1905.
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Photograph of Rioville, Nevada, circa 1900 Rioville, also known as Bonelli's Landing, Nevada.
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Photograph of an outhouse over an irrigation ditch in Corn Creek, Nevada, circa 1938 An outhouse located over an irrigation ditch in Corn Creek, Nevada
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Photograph of Gilcrease Ranch, North Las Vegas, circa 1920's-1930's Field crops on the Gilcrease Ranch in North Las Vegas. Sheep Range in the background.
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Photograph of an artesian well on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, 1949 Artesian Well used for irrigation on the T & T Ranch.
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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas Blvd. and Cheyenne Ave., Las Vegas, June 5, 1973 Aerial view of Las Vegas Blvd. and Cheyenne Avenue looking north.
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Aerial photograph of North Las Vegas flood control channel under I-15 and Civic Center Drive,... Flood control channel crossing I-15 and Civic Center Drive, Bullock's Feed and Tack store nearby.
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Photograph of an irrigation pipe and the Muddy River, Moapa Valley, Nevada, 1948 A drainage pipe from an irrigation project hanging out over the edge of the banks of the Muddy River.
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Photograph of dirt road with sewer seepage in Midway City, Nevada, February 13, 1945 View looking north from the corner of Allen Avenue and Merlayne Drive showing saturated areas
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Photograph of flooded residential area in Vegas Heights, Nevada, 1964 Flooding at Lexington and Carey in Vegas Heights after a severe rain storm. There are spots of residue on photo.
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Photograph of flooded street in Vegas Heights, Nevada, 1964 Flooding at Hassell and Highland in Vegas Heights after a rain storm. There is some residue on photo.
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Letter from E. E. Bennett (Los Angeles) to Calvin M. Cory, March 17, 1947 The city asked the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. to either fence or place Las Vegas Creek in a culvert, and Bennett was asking if they were obliged to do so.
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Photograph of buildings at the Las Vegas Ranch, circa 1905 Ranch buildings at the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Agreement between Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Las Vegas... Agreement to sell water production, storage, and distribution facilities to the Las Vegas Valley Water District; includes maps and attached exhibits (C.L.D. No. 11342)
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Photograph of water treatment plant in Boulder City, circa 1931 Water purification plant in Boulder City.
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Photograph of Midway Casino and other buildings, Pittman, Nevada, April 27, 1944 Midway Well and Casino containing public eating house with kitchen opening onto basement which flooded with sewage. Restroom structure in center and BMI vehicle number 429 on right side of photo. Patches of sewer seepage are visible in lower right...
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Memo from Edward C. Renwick to E. E. Bennett about the purchase price given to... Detailed discussion of why the purchase price set by the Nevada Public Service Commission for the purchase by the Las Vegas Valley Water District was too low.
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Report on flood control survey in Clark County, Nevada and data on Southern Nevada, 1938 Dated March 31, 1934 with appendices added from 1938, this report contains photographs and summaries of 18 areas in Southern Nevada, specifically the northeastern portion of Clark County and a small area in Arizona. The report was to serve as...
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Bill of sale from Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad to Union Pacific Railroad Company... Bill of sale by the grantor, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company to assign, transfer, and convey to the grantee, Union Pacific Railroad Company water production facilities including springs, spring houses, water wells, settling basins, reservoirs, storage tank, pipe...
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Lease agreement between Las Vegas Valley Land and Water Company and Willie T. Stewart, Earl... Lease of the Las Vegas Ranch by Las Vegas Land and Water Company to Willie T. Stewart, Earl Leavitt, and William Udell Stewart. The document lists 13 terms and conditions including such topics as land use, water use, and fiscal...
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Letter from William Reinhardt (Los Angeles) to A. E. Stoddard, January 31, 1951 Willie T. Stewart was terminating the lease due to insufficient water on the ranch. He was willing to sign a new lease given the listed terms. Letter refers to outlined areas noted on map referenced below.
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Report of damage to agriculture by flood water, Muddy River, October 29, 1946 List of properties damaged in a flood in October of 1946 in the Moapa valley with details of damage to each property.
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Report on Moapa Flood, August 11, 1941 Report of the damage caused by a flood in August 11, 1941.
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Memo from A.W.F. to Walter R. Bracken in response to C. R. Gray's letter about... One particular part of the lands purchased from Helen Stewart was apparently for right of way and terminal facilities since it does not have any water rights associated with it.
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Report, Flood control and soil conservation in southern Nevada Brief history of flooding along the Virgin River and a list of work undertaken to prevent or diminish future flooding.
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Contract, Instrument transferring interests in real and personal property, Las Vegas Land and Water Company,... Release of all rights, licenses, leases, contracts, etc., of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company to the Las Vegas Valley Water District. Notarized by Louis Scholnick in Douglas County, Nebraska on June 3, 1954.

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