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Report, Available water supply of the Las Vegas ground-water basin Nevada, 1965 Report on the available water in the Las Vegas area
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Progress report on the ground-water resources of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin, Nevada, March 1945 Survey of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin with recommendations to curtail drilling and conserve water
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Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye... Report on the geology and groundwater of southern Nevada.
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Minutes of meeting held on southern Nevada erosion, flood control, and drainage projects, Las Vegas... Meeting to discuss all aspects of erosion and flood control projects in southern Nevada.
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Investigative report on underground leakage from artesian wells in the Las Vegas Area, 1938 Investigation of underground leakage of Las Vegas artesian wells.
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The water resources of the Las Vegas Valley: a brief survey, March 27, 1931 Overview of the water resources in the Las Vegas Valley, includes maps
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Annual report of the Department of Irrigation, fiscal year 1926-27 Study of underground water in the Las Vegas Valley and the drainage of irrigated land in the Moapa Valley. F. L. Bixby was Senior Irrigation Engineer of the Irrigation Division of the Government Bureau of Public Roads.
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Meeting Report, Flood control in Las Vegas Valley, March 8, 1950 Meeting with agencies involved with flood control and those who had experienced flood damage on their property. Conducted by the Clark County Extension Service in Cooperation with Representatives of the U. S. Forest Service, Mr. Warren Murphy, Field Agent of...
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Letter from C. W. McKee (Las Vegas) to J. P. Mack (Los Angeles), May 12,... Detailed measurements of the Las Vegas Springs and Well.
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Report of meeting at Office of U. S. Engineers - Los Angeles, California, April 15,... Report of meeting to discuss and outline, and if possible, form a unit plan of cooperation for the pending flood control program in the Moapa Valley and Meadow Valley Wash.
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Report, Ground-water appraisal of the Meadow Valley area, Lincoln and Clark Counties, Nevada, July 1964 Detailed survey of the ground water resources of the Meadow Valley area. This is Report #27 in the Ground-Water resources - Reconnaissance series

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