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Letter from J. Ross Clark to R. E. Wells, February 16, 1912 Discussion of the necessity of someone patrolling the Las Vegas Springs for security.
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Photograph of Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1905 Tents and horses by the Las Vegas Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Photograph of Indian Springs from the hill behind it Three men on horses looking over Indian Springs
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Photograph of people at Las Vegas Spring, before 1915 People with wagon and horses next to the Las Vegas Spring
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Photograph of Union Pacific Railroad crews removing tracks at the St. Thomas line, 1938 Union Pacific Railroad crews taking up the St. Thomas line in advance of Lake Mead.
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Photograph of riders near the Vegas Creek at the Stewart Ranch camp in Las Vegas,... Las Vegas Creek running through the old Las Vegas Ranch with tents on the side
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Photograph of the Von Tobels and the Beckleys with their first artesian well, 1909 Mr. and Mrs. Ed Von Tobel, Sr., and Jake and William Beckley are shown on their Paradise Valley property with their first artesian well
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Photograph of grade near Kiel Ranch, circa 1906 Grading for a rail line near Kiel Ranch.
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Photograph of people camped on the Colorado River in the Vegas Wash, 1910 People camping next to their wagon in the Las Vegas Wash near the Colorado River.
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Photograph of people at Vegas Wash, 1910 People and horse-drawn wagon in the Las Vegas Wash.
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Photograph of a farmer and horse-drawn wagon in the Virgin Valley, circa 1920s Man standing near a horse and wagon overlooking the Virgin Valley.
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Panoramic photograph of Bonelli's Ferry on the Colorado River, before 1935 Panorama of Bonelli's Ferry on the Colorado River.
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Letter from J. Ross Clark to R. E. Wells, April 19, 1912 Clark suggests that if the horse patrol was to continue, the company should buy their own horse to save money. Additionally, the long time between patrols would still afford many opportunities for a saboteur or striker to damage the...
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Letter from R. E. Wells (Los Angeles) to W. H. Bancroft, February 23, 1912 Wells expressed his opinion that it was not a good time to discontinue having someone patrol the pipeline and springs.
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Photograph of Maude Swartwood at the remains of an adobe house at Big Las Vegas... Maude Swartwood on a horse amidst the ruins of an adobe house next to the big Las Vegas Spring.
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Report, Flood control in the Moapa Valley, circa 1934 Narrative describing the construction of a spillway in the Meadow Valley Wash by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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Report on flood control survey in Clark County, Nevada and data on Southern Nevada, 1938 Dated March 31, 1934 with appendices added from 1938, this report contains photographs and summaries of 18 areas in Southern Nevada, specifically the northeastern portion of Clark County and a small area in Arizona. The report was to serve as...
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Report on ground water in southeastern Nevada, March 29, 1915 Report with chart, plates, and maps regarding southeast Nevada groundwater. Water-Supply Paper 365
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Book excerpt, Preliminary report concerning explorations and surveys principally in Nevada and Arizona, 1871 Report and maps of survey of the area including Southern Nevada. Includes pages 74-85 of the book.
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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking northeast, circa 1931 Aerial view of Las Vegas looking northeast
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Letter from Tiza and Mina Stewart and Evaline Stewart Stay (Las Vegas) to Leo McNamee... Copy of the letter from the Stewart family demanding reparations for damages caused by the lack of water which should have been delivered to them by the Union Pacific Railroad Company.
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Application for permit to appropriate the public waters of the State of Nevada, November 1939 Application for the Las Vegas Land and Water Company to appropriate the water from a new well on the Las Vegas Ranch. Original Collection: Union Pacific Railroad Collection 97-19

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