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Chart of coolers and recirculation pumps (Las Vegas), 1950 List of coolers and how many are equipped with recirculation pumps broken down by subdivision in Las Vegas
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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking west, 1945 Aerial view of Las Vegas immediately following the close of World War II
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken to Charles McCall (Las Vegas), May 17, 1945 Bracken asking the city manager to require the more intelligent use of water in the Huntridge Addition city park to set a good example for residents.
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Las Vegas Land and Water Company report, July 23, 1949 Summary of latest water crisis with the recommendations of Commissioner Williams to correct it.
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Letter from J. G. Allard (Las Vegas) to Al Folger (Las Vegas), August 2, 1949 Request for the water company's plan to prevent water shortages in the future. Letter states that if the supplied plan is insufficient, the commission will schedule a public meeting.

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