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Photograph of diesel pumps, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1956 Diesel pumps on the Record Ranch.
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Photograph of a pivot watering system, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1980 Irrigation pivot watering alfalfa on the property of Hank Records.
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Photograph of a butane powered pump engine on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, circa... Since the Amargosa Valley did not have electricity until 1964, all pumps were run by combustion engines, like this one on the T & T Ranch.
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Photograph of water flowing from a pump, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1979 Water flowing from a pump in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of irrigation pump and water line, Amargosa Valley, Nevada, 1980 View of a water line and pump in the Amargosa Valley looking southwest toward the Funeral Mountains.
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Photograph of a farmer and horse-drawn wagon in the Virgin Valley, circa 1920s Man standing near a horse and wagon overlooking the Virgin Valley.
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County agent project progress report, Formation of irrigation district, November 1, 1930 The formation of an irrigation district was being put on hold until all land ownership issues brought about by the construction of Hoover Dam were resolved. Report signed by John H. Wittwer as District Extension Agent. Project Number: State Office...
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Letter from A. Maguire (Los Angeles) to F. H. Knickerbocker, October 30, 1924 Maguire informs that Bracken was planning on using surplus water from the new artesian well to irrigate land on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Press release about invitation for farmers to submit water use bids, Las Vegas, November 5,... Copy of a press release to be printed in the Las Vegas Evening Review Journal. It stated that the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Las Vegas was taking bids to use the water from a new disposal...

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