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Memo from Al Folger about water flow to the Las Vegas Ranch, July 12, 1943 Al Folger lists the flow rate of the Las Vegas Creek following the installation of a weir to allow measurement.
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Newspaper clipping, Water report startles, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 14, 1945 Newspaper article about a recently completed report. Author opined that unless something drastic was done soon, water would be the limiting factor on growth in Las Vegas.
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Newspaper clipping, Water level decline shown, Las Vegas Review-Journal, March 15, 1945 Newspaper article summarizing a 1945 U.S. Geological Survey report of a sharp water level decline in the Las Vegas artesian basin.
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Memo about weir water measurements from Las Vegas springs and wells, May 18, 1938 A delegation from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company and local and state agencies was present to take weir water measurements from Las Vegas springs and wells.
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Letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to William Reinhardt, January 18, 1950 Report on the results of the state engineer's test of a new well in Las Vegas.
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Letter from Calvin M. Cory (Las Vegas) to Edward C. Renwick, December 20, 1952 Cory expresses the legal opinion that in an artesian basin, if you have a water right then the point of diversion makes no difference.
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Memo from A. M. Folger to Walter R. Bracken about drill wells, June 12, 1945 Account of a meeting called by the State Engineer to discuss applications to drill wells. The Las Vegas Land and Water Company and Robert Griffith both dropped their objections and both were allowed permits. Those in attendance discussed...
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Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye... Report on the geology and groundwater of southern Nevada.
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Report, Water levels and artesian pressure in wells in Las Vegas Valley and in other... Report on water levels and the pressure in artesian wells in Nevada.
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Progress report on the ground-water resources of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin, Nevada, March 1945 Survey of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin with recommendations to curtail drilling and conserve water

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