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Report on Las Vegas water situation from C. E. Swann (Rock Springs, Wyoming) to George... Report on water supply and use in Las Vegas. C. E. Swann, one of the authors of the report was Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Coal Company. The addressee, Mr. George B. Pryde was Vice President of the Union...
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Newspaper clipping, City lifts ban on daytime watering for 15-Day period, Las Vegas Sun, July... Newspaper article informing the public that the Las Vegas City Commission lifted the restriction on daytime lawn watering for 15 days, with the commission calling on volunteerism for the time period.
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Letter from Bertha Witmer (Las Vegas) to Mayor J. L. Russell and the City Council... Letter from a citizen to the Las Vegas City Commission protesting Ordinance No. 247. Left to Right: Asst. Commissioner of Reclamation N. B. Bennett, Jr., Master of Ceremonies; U.S. Senator Alan Bible; Regional Director A.B. West of the Bureau...
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Newspaper clipping, Install meters to check water wastage, Las Vegas Review-Journal, November 22, 1949 The City of Las Vegas is installing water meters throughout the city to check usage. The meters are only for statistical usage and will be removed when the tests are done. Newpaper clipping is attached to plain paper with...
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Letter from L. A. Barnes to W. H. Hulsizer (Omaha), October 12, 1949 Letter reporting on meeting held to discuss water complaints of Las Vegas residents. All agreed that Lake Mead water was needed to augment their supply.
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Letter from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to W. H. Comstock, A. S. Halstead,... Letter stating that low water pressure had been a serious problem during the last three fires in Las Vegas and should be fixed. If irrigation was the culprit, then the city commission should enact watering restrictions.
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Letter from Haugh (Los Angeles) to F. H. Knickerbocker and A. S. Halsted, May 14,... The Las Vegas Land and Water Company was not going to buy the water system for the Wardie Addition, but would offer residents an attractive rate to connect to company lines.
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Letter from Ernie W. Cragin (Las Vegas) to George F. Ashby (Omaha), October 8, 1948 Mayor Cragin asking Ashby if Union Pacific had any ideas on how to ensure that after the creation of the Las Vegas Valley Water District that water previously controlled by the Las Vegas Land and Water Company remain in the...
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Press release about invitation for farmers to submit water use bids, Las Vegas, November 5,... Copy of a press release to be printed in the Las Vegas Evening Review Journal. It stated that the Board of City Commissioners of the City of Las Vegas was taking bids to use the water from a new disposal...
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Telegram from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to William Reinhardt, June 19, 1950 Radio KENO was airing a public forum on the subject ''will the growth of Las Vegas be limited by shortage of water?'' and wanted a water company representative to participate.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to W. M. Jeffers (Omaha), August 26, 1935 General overview of the Las Vegas water situation, covering possible municipal ownership, the Las Vegas Springs, irrigation on the Las Vegas Ranch, and more.
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Personal letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to G. F. Ashby, October 11, 1948 Folger contacted Mayor Cragin to see, once the water district was created, if there was any way to ensure that the water from the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. springs and well field was not piped beyond the city...
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Newspaper clipping, Protest emergency water ordinance 247, Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 26, 1939 Lorenzi urging people to protest the passage of City Ordinance No. 247, because it creates the impression to possible future residents that Las Vegas does not have enough water.
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Letter from Thomas A. Campbell (Las Vegas) to Board of City Commissioners (Las Vegas), April... The president of the Las Vegas Valley Water District, considering the limited water supply, requested the Las Vegas City Board of Commissioners to reinstate a water rationing program.
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Letter from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company (Las Vegas), March 30, 1940 Circular letter from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company endorsing City Ordinance No. 247
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken and Al M. Folger (Las Vegas) to Mayor J. L.... The Las Vegas Land and Water Company informs the mayor of Las Vegas of their efforts to promote Emergency Ordinance No. 247 and of the improvements they have made to the water system to increase capacity. J. L. Russell was...
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to F. R. McNamee (Los Angeles), November 20,... Workers installing sewer lines disturbed the water mains, which would cause many future problems, and Bracken was asking the company lawyer how to proceed.
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Newspaper clipping, October 19 set for water district vote, Las Vegas Review-Journal, September 16, 1948 Clark County Commission set October 19, 1948 as the date for a vote on the creation of the Las Vegas Valley Water District
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Letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to E. W. Cragin (Las Vegas), October 18,... Las Vegas Land and Water Company firmly refuses to extend water lines past Las Vegas city limits for fire protection due to insufficient amounts of water in the artesian channel
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Newspaper clipping, Water district for Las Vegas Valley moves step ahead, Las Vegas Review-Journal, August... Having received enough petition signatures, water district backers were moving on to the next step: a public meeting to discuss the issue.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to W. H. Dentner (Las Vegas), March 26,... A letter to the Las Vegas mayor and city commissioners explaining that the water company wasn't interested in expanding their water system because of problems they had experienced the previous summer.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to F. H. Knickerbocker (Los Angeles), June 24,... Discussion of whether the Las Vegas Land and Water Company should respond to the 'assinine' resolution passed by the City Commision when asked for a city ordinance against water waste.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to L. L. Arnett (Las Vegas), June 15,... Letter from Bracken asking the Las Vegas mayor if the city could assign a policeman at the water company's expense to enforce water restrictions as they were entering the hottest part of the year.
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Letter from Howard W. Cannon (Las Vegas) to Nevada Public Service Commission (Carson City), ... The Las Vegas City Commission instructed the city attorney to demand that the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. proceed immediately to augment the present water supply.

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