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Letter from L. R. Maag (Las Vegas) to William Reinhardt (Los Angeles), June 11, 1953 Request to the Union Pacific Railroad vice president for approval of having the police department assign two officers to enforce water restrictions at the expense of the Las Vegas Land and Water Co. for the summer months.
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Violation notice of the water waste city ordinance, 1950 Violation notice (front and back) informing violators that if they violated the ordinance again they may be arrested (City Ordinance No. 218)
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken to Charles McCall (Las Vegas), May 17, 1945 Bracken asking the city manager to require the more intelligent use of water in the Huntridge Addition city park to set a good example for residents.
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Newspaper clipping, Water waste is prohibited by law, April 28, 1945 Newspaper clipping from unknown source reminding readers of the city ordinance forbidding the waste of water.
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Report of re-check of coolers by special officers, August 18, 1950 Results of follow-up visits to those who lacked recirculating pumps on their coolers, broken down by subdivision and number of citations issued.

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