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Postcard of Lorenzi Park, Las Vegas, circa 1930 The ponds at Lorenzi Park, Las Vegas
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Aerial photograph of Lorenzi Park, 1965 Aerial view of Lorenzi Park.
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Photograph of buildings and pond at Lorenzi Park, circa 1931 Buildings, bridge and pond at Lorenzi Park
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Photograph of swimmers at Lorenzi Park pool, circa 1931 Swimmers at Lorenzi Park Pool. Frenchman Mountain in the background to the east.
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Photograph of Lorenzi Park pond, circa 1931 Ducks on the pond at Lorenzi Park. Looking northwest.
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Aerial photograph of Twin Lakes, Lorenzi Park, Nevada, 1953 Aerial view of Twin Lakes Resort.
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Aerial photograph of Twin Lakes/Lorenzi Park. Las Vegas, 1965 Aerial view of Twin Lakes/Lorenzi Park in 1965.

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