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Photograph of Gordon Bettles and unknown men in a rye field on the T &... Gordon Bettles and two others inspecting the rye in preparation for cutting it on the T & T Ranch in the Amargosa Valley.
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Group photograph of men in swim wear at the Las Vegas Ranch, 1916 Group of swimmers at the Lake Vegas Ranch with the ruins of the Mormon Fort in the background. Information provided by Special Collections included a photocopy of the photograph identifying three of the individual in the photograph. The second...
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Photograph of two men standing in the waters of Warm Springs, Moapa Valley, circa 1920s Two men standing in the Warm Springs in the Moapa Valley.
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Photograph of two males standing next to Las Vegas Springs, before 1915 Two boys or men holding rifles and standing next to one of the Las Vegas Springs
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Photograph of a party of salvagers, St. Thomas, Nevada, June, 1938 A group of men dismantling a house and loading the fruits of their labors on a truck. The waters of the rising Lake Mead are in the foreground.
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Photograph of the Perkins family sightseeing in St. Thomas, 1945 The Perkins family sightseeing in St. Thomas
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Photograph of a St. Thomas resident standing near dry hedges, 1945 Hedges in St. Thomas
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Photograph of Indian Springs from the hill behind it Three men on horses looking over Indian Springs
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Photograph of Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1905 Tents and horses by the Las Vegas Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Photograph of the Rockwell Family at Black Canyon, before 1938 Rockwell Family and two cars at Black Canyon.
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Photograph of Bill Tomiyasu and his children standing in his lettuce patch, Las Vegas, 1923 Kiyo, Bill, and Nanyu Tomiyasu in their lettuce field.
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Photograph of people sitting on a log in the middle of a swimming area at... Several people in swimming suits relaxing on a log in the water at Indian Springs
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Mounted photographs of William McGruff and Old Man Mason near an artesian well, and William... William McGuff (right) and Old Man Mason (left) near an artesian well at the McGruff Ranch. Old Man Mason who brought the first automobile to town. Two photographic prints mounted on one piece of cardboard. It was verified that Paradise...
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Photograph of Elbert Edwards picking figs in St. Thomas, Nevada, June, 1938 Elbert Edwards picks figs from an orchard in St. Thomas, Nevada, while standing in the rising waters of Lake Mead.
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Photograph of artesian well on Eglington Ranch near Las Vegas, circa 1912 Artesian well spouting on Eglington Ranch.
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Photograph of swimming pool at Ladd's Resort, Las Vegas, 1920s-1930s The swimming pool at Ladd's Resort in Las Vegas.
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Photograph of pickers at work harvesting celery plants on the Iki Ranch near Logandale, Nevada,... Men harvesting celery on the Iki ranch near Logandale, Nevada.

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