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Book excerpt, Preliminary report to determine feasibility of diverting Colorado River, February 1, 1876 The excerpt consists of Appendix B printed in the Annual report by the Army Corps of Engineers upon the geographical surveys west of the 100th Meridian, February 18, 1905. It contains maps of the Southwest region of the United States,...
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Report, A review of the limnology of and water quality standards for Lake Mead, October... Runoff from the Las Vegas Wash had heavily polluted the Las Vegas Bay area of Lake Mead. This report offered recommendations for bringing the resulting algae under control.
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Report, Geological survey circular 346: First fourteen years of Lake Mead, circa 1949 Report on Lake Mead taken from the Lake Mead Comprehensive Survey of 1948-49
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Photograph of Main Street after Lake Mead receded, Saint Thomas, Nevada, April 18, 1951 Saint Thomas on the Muddy River, upper arm of Lake Mead, shows appearance of old Main Street after the lake had gone down, April 18, 1951. Lake Mead is in the background.
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Photograph of diesel pumps, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1956 Diesel pumps on the Record Ranch.
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Photograph of an artesian well on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, 1949 Artesian Well used for irrigation on the T & T Ranch.
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Photograph of irrigated farmland on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, circa 1953 Irrigating new alfalfa on the T & T Ranch in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of farmland on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, circa 1953 Men irrigating new alfalfa on the T & T Ranch in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of water flowing from a pump, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1979 Water flowing from a pump in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of flooding along College Avenue, North Las Vegas, 1962 Flooding along College Avenue, now Lake Mead, in North Las Vegas. From left to right, signs read: North Las Vegas City Limits - Please Observe Traffic Lanes; Retain Frank McNamee - Supreme Court Justice; Street signs: N Pecos St, E...
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Investigative report on underground leakage from artesian wells in the Las Vegas Area, 1938 Investigation of underground leakage of Las Vegas artesian wells.
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1927 report on Moapa water facilities with 1929 supplement, December 31, 1929 1927 overview report of the Union Pacific Railroad facilities in Moapa, Nevada including a 1929 supplement. Original report dated March 01, 1927, supplement dated December 31, 1929.
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Book excerpt, Preliminary report concerning explorations and surveys principally in Nevada and Arizona, 1871 Report and maps of survey of the area including Southern Nevada. Includes pages 74-85 of the book.
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Photograph of irrigation pump and water line, Amargosa Valley, Nevada, 1980 View of a water line and pump in the Amargosa Valley looking southwest toward the Funeral Mountains.
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Report on flood in Meadow Valley Wash, March 3rd to 5th inclusive, March 12, 1938 Summary of the damage from a flood in the Moapa Valley on March 3-5, 1938
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Report, Investigations and research in Nevada by the Water Resources Division, 1984 Survey of the water resources of Nevada in 1982-1983

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