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Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye... Report on the geology and groundwater of southern Nevada.
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Annual report of the Department of Irrigation, fiscal year 1926-27 Study of underground water in the Las Vegas Valley and the drainage of irrigated land in the Moapa Valley. F. L. Bixby was Senior Irrigation Engineer of the Irrigation Division of the Government Bureau of Public Roads.
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Report, Water levels and artesian pressure in wells in Las Vegas Valley and in other... Report on water levels and the pressure in artesian wells in Nevada.
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Report, Socioeconomic impacts of the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project and its... Study on the possible societal impacts of bringing in water from outside of the Las Vegas Valley.
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Photograph of four girls near outlet of artesian well, Pahrump, Nevada, before 1950 Four children at the outlet of an artesian well.
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The water resources of the Las Vegas Valley: a brief survey, March 27, 1931 Overview of the water resources in the Las Vegas Valley, includes maps
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General geologic map of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye Counties,... Geologic map of the Las Vegas Valley area.
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Newspaper clipping, Las Vegas Valley water withdrawal keeps even, Las Vegas Review-Journal, July, 21 1948 Residents of the Las Vegas Valley were withdrawing water at the same rate as was being recharged.
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Map showing general geology and areas of artesian flow of the Las Vegas, Pahrump, and... Regional map showing geology and groundwater flow in southern Nevada.
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Map showing areas of bedrock and valley fill, drainage boundary, areas of artesian flow, and... Geologic map of the Las Vegas area.
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Report, Final environmental impact statement, Southern Nevada Water Project, second stage, June 6, 1977 Final environmental impact statement for the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project.
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United States Supreme Court case documents: Nevada exhibits, Arizona v. California, May 6, 1958 Nevada exhibits of the AZ v. CA case before the U. S. Supreme Court. The exhibits include topographic maps, photomaps, excerpts from correspondence and other published documents, and charts.
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Proposed official statement respecting $8,700,000 usage of waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water... The official statement of the Las Vegas Valley Water District prepared to be used in the sale of the $8.7 million bonds described within. Overview description of the area in history, geology, tourism trade, agriculture, industry with appendices in back....
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Mounted photograph of Peter Buol next to his artesian well in the Las Vegas Valley,... Peter Buol, first mayor of Las Vegas, and two other men next to a drilling rig and a flowing artesian well. Photograph was mounted on cardboard.
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Report, Investigations and research in Nevada by the Water Resources Division, 1984 Survey of the water resources of Nevada in 1982-1983

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