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Postcard showing the Evey Well, circa 1908-1909 Men standing next to a drilling rig looking at the Evey Well.
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Photograph of excavations in process at the Lost City near St. Thomas, Nevada, circa 1925
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Postcard showing Eglington Well, circa 1915 Well dug by Peter Buol on the Eglington Ranch.
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Postcard showing the Evey Well, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1910 Artesian well on Evey Ranch.
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Postcard showing burros on the Stewart Ranch, before 1903 A herd of wild burros drinking from the Las Vegas Creek on the Stewart Ranch
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Postcard showing artesian well near Las Vegas, March 6, 1920 Artesian well located approximately 4 (four) miles from Las Vegas, on a ranch. Water was used for irrigation.
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Aerial photograph postcard of Las Vegas looking north, circa 1920s Aerial view of Las Vegas
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Postcard showing Chrystal Beauty Well, before 1920 Chrystal Beauty well owned by F. W. Eglington.
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Photograph of artesian well spouting water, Eglington Ranch, Nevada 1912 Spouting artesian well on the Eglington Ranch with the notation that the spout is 25 feet high.
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Photograph of Stewart Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada, circa 1905 Tents and horses by the Las Vegas Creek on the Las Vegas Ranch.
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Photographic postcard of Hemenway Wash, Nevada and Colorado River, 1932 View of the river and Hemenway Wash, with Ragtown (Williamsville) on the banks of the river.
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Postcard, Silvery waters of Vegas Creek, circa 1910 Irrigation headgate on the Las Vegas Creek.
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Postcard with view of Goodsprings, Nevada, after 1910 View of Goodsprings from the bench over the town.

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