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Report, Socioeconomic impacts of the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project and its... Study on the possible societal impacts of bringing in water from outside of the Las Vegas Valley.
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Letter from Bertha Witmer (Las Vegas) to Mayor J. L. Russell and the City Council... Letter from a citizen to the Las Vegas City Commission protesting Ordinance No. 247. Left to Right: Asst. Commissioner of Reclamation N. B. Bennett, Jr., Master of Ceremonies; U.S. Senator Alan Bible; Regional Director A.B. West of the Bureau...
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Letter from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company (Las Vegas), March 30, 1940 Circular letter from the Las Vegas Land and Water Company endorsing City Ordinance No. 247
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken and Al M. Folger (Las Vegas) to Mayor J. L.... The Las Vegas Land and Water Company informs the mayor of Las Vegas of their efforts to promote Emergency Ordinance No. 247 and of the improvements they have made to the water system to increase capacity. J. L. Russell was...
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Newspaper clipping, Protest emergency water ordinance 247, Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 26, 1939 Lorenzi urging people to protest the passage of City Ordinance No. 247, because it creates the impression to possible future residents that Las Vegas does not have enough water.

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