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Letter from Alfred J. Ryan to the Directors of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce,... Discussion of the feasibility of bringing water from Lake Mead to Las Vegas. Pittman is an older name for the city of Henderson. Whitney is an older name for East Las Vegas.
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Photographs and descriptions of an artesian well in the northwest corner of Clark County (Nevada),... Photographs with captions of an artesian well in Las Vegas
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Letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to R. L. Adamson, September 13, 1950 Folger recommends installing a remote pressure gauge in the pipeline away from the pumps, because when leaks develop the pressure does not drop at the pumps, making it harder to realize there is a problem
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Photograph of diesel pumps, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1956 Diesel pumps on the Record Ranch.
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Photograph of a butane powered pump engine on the T & T Ranch, Nevada, circa... Since the Amargosa Valley did not have electricity until 1964, all pumps were run by combustion engines, like this one on the T & T Ranch.
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Photograph of water flowing from a pump, Hank Record Ranch, Nevada, 1979 Water flowing from a pump in the Amargosa Valley.
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Photograph of a pump engine, Tomiyasu Farm, Las Vegas, 1930's Pump engine used on the Tomiyasu Farm in the 1930's.
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Photograph of irrigation pump and water line, Amargosa Valley, Nevada, 1980 View of a water line and pump in the Amargosa Valley looking southwest toward the Funeral Mountains.
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Postcard showing the Evey Well, circa 1908-1909 Men standing next to a drilling rig looking at the Evey Well.
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Photograph of Russell well, May 15, 1922 Russell artesian well
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Telegram from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to W. H. Comstock and C. F. Miller... Discussion of installing a small pump to keep up sufficient pressure in the system
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Letter from Alfred Merritt Smith (Carson City) to Leo A. McNamee (Las Vegas), March 3,... The State Engineer recommends offering Robert Griffith water at wholesale prices so he does not want to drill a well
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Report, Final environmental impact statement, Southern Nevada Water Project, second stage, June 6, 1977 Final environmental impact statement for the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to F. H. Knickerbocker (Los Angeles), March 3,... Bracken asks for advice regarding the Edward Clark Forwarding Company which was going to be connected to railroad water, but was being cut off by their previous provider, thus preventing them from running pipes in their basement and ultimately, endangering...
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Photograph of water pump in Colorado River used for upper concrete batch plant, circa 1931 Pump in the Colorado River for the upper concrete batch plant
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Report, Estimated cost of reproduction new and less depreciation of water facilities owned by Los... Detailed cost and construction material lists for all water production and transmission facilities owned by owned by Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company and formerly owned by 14th Street Water Company and Merlin Water Company as of December 31,...
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Letter from R. L. Adamson (Los Angeles) to William Reinhardt, March 6, 1952 Discussion about transferring the 2.5 CFS granted to the Union Pacific Railroad company from Well No. 1 to the shop well, and increasing the capacity of the well to produce that amount.

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