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Letter from Calvin M. Cory (Las Vegas) to Edward C. Renwick, December 20, 1952 Cory expresses the legal opinion that in an artesian basin, if you have a water right then the point of diversion makes no difference.
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Letter from Roy A. Wehe (San Francisco) to Edward C. Renwick (Los Angeles), November 23,... If the Union Pacific should divest itself of water production to the Las Vegas Land and Water Company, Wehe describes what the operation of the company should look like. Letter has several date stamps, including one from E. E. Bennett...
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Agreement between Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company, Union Pacific Railroad Company, Las Vegas... Agreement to sell water production, storage, and distribution facilities to the Las Vegas Valley Water District; includes maps and attached exhibits (C.L.D. No. 11342)
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Memo from Edward C. Renwick to E. E. Bennett about the purchase price given to... Detailed discussion of why the purchase price set by the Nevada Public Service Commission for the purchase by the Las Vegas Valley Water District was too low.
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Telegram from Edward C. Renwick (Los Angeles) to G. A. Cunningham (Salt Lake City), April... The Water District advised that they did not have the facilities to supply enough water to Las Vegas and would not object to the Union Pacific Railroad providing water from its shop well.
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Letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to E. C. Renwick, June 14, 1950 Letter from Folger indicating that the Las Vegas Land and Water Company was not limited on the amount of water they could take from the Las Vegas Springs because that was a vested right of the company
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Memo from Edward C. Renwick to E. E. Bennett about the Las Vegas Land and... Discussion of the relevant legal issues and court decisions relating to the question of whether the railroad could be forced to increase water production

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