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Report, Investigations and research in Nevada by the Water Resources Division, 1984 Survey of the water resources of Nevada in 1982-1983
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Proposed official statement respecting $8,700,000 usage of waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water... The official statement of the Las Vegas Valley Water District prepared to be used in the sale of the $8.7 million bonds described within. Overview description of the area in history, geology, tourism trade, agriculture, industry with appendices in back....
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Book excerpt, Report upon United States geographical surveys west of the one hundredth meridian, 1889 Report, maps, and engravings of the survey of the area including Southern Nevada. The text offers a discussion about irrigation and artesian wells in the survey region, including a comparison between the valleys of the western United States and those...
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Report, Ground-water appraisal of the Meadow Valley area, Lincoln and Clark Counties, Nevada, July 1964 Detailed survey of the ground water resources of the Meadow Valley area. This is Report #27 in the Ground-Water resources - Reconnaissance series
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Report, Available water supply of the Las Vegas ground-water basin Nevada, 1965 Report on the available water in the Las Vegas area
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Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye... Report on the geology and groundwater of southern Nevada.
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Report, A review of the limnology of and water quality standards for Lake Mead, October... Runoff from the Las Vegas Wash had heavily polluted the Las Vegas Bay area of Lake Mead. This report offered recommendations for bringing the resulting algae under control.
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Report, Biological inventory of the Southern Nevada Water Project, second stage, 1976 Inventory of the plants on the land that falls under the jurisdiction of the Southern Nevada Water Project.
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Final report, Lake Mead monitoring program, July, 1976 Reports of water quality monitoring in Lake Mead
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1927 report on Moapa water facilities with 1929 supplement, December 31, 1929 1927 overview report of the Union Pacific Railroad facilities in Moapa, Nevada including a 1929 supplement. Original report dated March 01, 1927, supplement dated December 31, 1929.
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Progress Report for J. H. Wittwer, 1940-41 program List of activities and projects worked on by John Wittwer in 1940-41. Report has penciled comments in several places.
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Investigative report on underground leakage from artesian wells in the Las Vegas Area, 1938 Investigation of underground leakage of Las Vegas artesian wells.
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Semiannual report of the Moapa Soil Conservation District, from June 30, 1940 - January 1,... Summary of the work of the Moapa Soil Conservation Service for the last half of 1940.
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Report, Civilian Conservation Corps work on the flood menace in Southern Nevada, after 1935 Summary of the flood control work performed by the Civilian Conservation Corp in the Moapa Valley
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Report on floods from the Meadow Valley Wash, Muddy River, and California Wash, after 1945 List of major floods in the Moapa Valley with accompanying map.
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Report on flood control survey in Clark County, Nevada and data on Southern Nevada, 1938 Dated March 31, 1934 with appendices added from 1938, this report contains photographs and summaries of 18 areas in Southern Nevada, specifically the northeastern portion of Clark County and a small area in Arizona. The report was to serve as...
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Report on water spreading in Clark County, Nevada as a means of controlling floods, May... Report on the efficacy of water spreading to disperse flood water in Southern Nevada. Under the immediate Supervision of A. T. Mitchelson, State Project Supervisor. Prepared under the direction of George D. Clyde, Chief, Division of Irrigation and Water Conservation
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Annual report of the Department of Irrigation, fiscal year 1926-27 Study of underground water in the Las Vegas Valley and the drainage of irrigated land in the Moapa Valley. F. L. Bixby was Senior Irrigation Engineer of the Irrigation Division of the Government Bureau of Public Roads.
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The water resources of the Las Vegas Valley: a brief survey, March 27, 1931 Overview of the water resources in the Las Vegas Valley, includes maps
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History of major floods in Moapa valley and adjacent washes, after 1945 List of the major floods in the Moapa Valley with map to show locations of the floods.
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County agent project progress report, Flood control program, November 1, 1934 Discussion of the Civilian Conservation Corp work on flood control projects in the Virgin River and Moapa Valleys. Project Number: State Office No. 172, Clark County No. 12. Name of Project: Flood Control Program.
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Report of damage to agriculture by flood water, Muddy River, October 29, 1946 List of properties damaged in a flood in October of 1946 in the Moapa valley with details of damage to each property.
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Report of meeting at Office of U. S. Engineers - Los Angeles, California, April 15,... Report of meeting to discuss and outline, and if possible, form a unit plan of cooperation for the pending flood control program in the Moapa Valley and Meadow Valley Wash.
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Report on Moapa Flood, August 11, 1941 Report of the damage caused by a flood in August 11, 1941.
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Report, The flood control program - Moapa area, after 1942 Cost of Civilian Conservation Corp work in the Moapa Valley and the benefits accrued to the residents of the valley.
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Report, Impact of a water-imposed interruption of growth in the Las Vegas Region, August, 1992 Projection of what would happen to the growth of Las Vegas when the availability of water becomes the biggest limiting factor.
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Report of flood control work in southern Nevada winter of 1933 & 1934 by Civilian... Report with photos that details flood control work completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern Nevada during the winter of 1933-34.
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Report, Flood control in the Moapa Valley, circa 1934 Narrative describing the construction of a spillway in the Meadow Valley Wash by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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Outline of work projects of the Moapa Valley area in conjunction with the proposed Meadow... Summary of projects and their respective projected costs for erosion-flood control projects in the Moapa Valley
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Report on flood in Meadow Valley Wash, March 3rd to 5th inclusive, March 12, 1938 Summary of the damage from a flood in the Moapa Valley on March 3-5, 1938
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Letter from Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to R. H. Rutledge (Washington, D.C.), with petition... Letter dated June 27, 1939, from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce supporting a petition date June 21, 1939, by property owners and taxpayers living in the Moapa Valley area of Clark County, Nevada. The petition requested that the area...
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Progress report on the ground-water resources of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin, Nevada, March 1945 Survey of the Las Vegas Artesian Basin with recommendations to curtail drilling and conserve water
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Las Vegas water supply in 1936, circa 1937 Report of the output of the Las Vegas Springs and well, and Las Vegas water consumption for 1936.
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County agent project progress report, Irrigation district, November 1, 1929 Progress report with copies of relevant correspondence regarding the creation of an irrigation district in the Moapa Valley. Project Number: State Office #172, Clark County #12
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County agent project progress report, Home water supplies - domestic water improvement and water facilities,... Discussion of the progress on domestic water for Bunkerville and Mesquite, Nevada. Prospects were good for the Work Projects Administration to install a tank and pipeline. PROJECT NUMBER: State Office # M-282, Clark County # M-22
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County agent project progress report, Flood control, November 1, 1933 Discussion of using Civilian Conservation Corps labor for flood control works in the Virgin River and Moapa Valleys. Project Number: State Office No. 172
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Final Report, Lake Mead monitoring program, September 1977 Report of water quality monitoring in Lake Mead
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Report, Final environmental impact statement, Southern Nevada Water Project, second stage, June 6, 1977 Final environmental impact statement for the second stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project.
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Progress report of investigations of irrigation problems of Lower Moapa Valley, November 1944 Report of the Lower Moapa Valley soil and water resources.
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Proposed official statement respecting the usage of $8,700,000 general obligation waterworks bonds of the Las... Preliminary draft of detailed plans for the usage of the $8.7 million waterworks bonds of the Las Vegas Valley Water District.
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Report on the Basic Magnesium, Incorporated water supply system, Clark County, Nevada, October, 1949 Report on the water supply system at Basic Magnesium, Inc.
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Report surveying Las Vegas Ranch from J. T. McWilliams (Good Springs, Nevada) to J. Ross... McWilliams' summary of his findings in his survey of the Las Vegas Ranch, including land boundaries and water resources. Link to one of the plats mentioned in the letter is in references field.
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Report on 1950 pumping costs and water requirements for Craig Ranch, Las Vegas, Nevada Detailed costs for operating pumps for irrigation on the Craig Ranch in 1950
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Preliminary report, Regional hydrology of a part of Southern Nevada: a reconnaissance, July 1963 A geological survey of Southern Nevada hydrology which was prepared on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Report TEI-833
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Letter enclosing report on Las Vegas water supply from Henry Albert (Reno) to Walter R.... Enclosed report entitled Investigation of the water supply of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. On April 24, 1925, by Dr. Henry Albert, Director State Hygienic Laboratory, and Associate Sanitary Engineer, Isadore W. Mendelsohn, U.S. Public Health Service. Date stamp from...
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Map of general plan for the Wells Siding Project, Logandale, Nevada, May 15, 1935 Map of the Wells Siding and Bowman Reservoir project in the Moapa Valley.
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Las Vegas Valley Water District Report on water supply, October 1949 Detailed 76 page report with charts, tables and calculations on the water situation in the Las Vegas Valley.
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Report on ground water in southeastern Nevada, March 29, 1915 Report with chart, plates, and maps regarding southeast Nevada groundwater. Water-Supply Paper 365
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Book excerpt, Preliminary report to determine feasibility of diverting Colorado River, February 1, 1876 The excerpt consists of Appendix B printed in the Annual report by the Army Corps of Engineers upon the geographical surveys west of the 100th Meridian, February 18, 1905. It contains maps of the Southwest region of the United States,...
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Report, Outline of water supply system at Basic Magnesium, Incorporated, Henderson, Nevada, September 22, 1944 Detailed report with drawings and maps of the water system at Basic Magnesium, Incorporated.

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