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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas, looking east down Fremont Street, circa late 1940s Aerial view of Las Vegas, looking east down Fremont Street. Jackie Gaughan's Plaza was originally named Union Plaza and is currently called the Plaza Hotel and Casino.
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Telegram from Edward C. Renwick (Los Angeles) to G. A. Cunningham (Salt Lake City), April... The Water District advised that they did not have the facilities to supply enough water to Las Vegas and would not object to the Union Pacific Railroad providing water from its shop well.
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Telegram from William H. Comstock (Los Angeles) to Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas), July 30,... Request to shut off water to the ice plant or the town while passenger trains are being filled, owing to low water pressure causing departure delays.
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Telegram from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to W. H. Comstock (Los Angeles), July 30,... Bracken reported that the ice plant had no objection to having their water cut off while passenger trains were filled, but cutting off the town would cause serious trouble and should not be done.
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Telegram from A. Maguire (Los Angeles) to W. H. Comstock, May 25, 1920 The railroad should consider drilling a well inside the shop grounds in case of serious labor troubles.
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Report on Las Vegas water situation from C. E. Swann (Rock Springs, Wyoming) to George... Report on water supply and use in Las Vegas. C. E. Swann, one of the authors of the report was Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Coal Company. The addressee, Mr. George B. Pryde was Vice President of the Union...
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Telegram from Chas Rodman (Las Vegas) to Walter R. Bracken, T. W. French, E. Pickles,... Notice that the water to the city would be off for a few hours to allow workers to make a connection to the stockyards.
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Topographic map of Las Vegas Rancho showing location of wells and water lines, Las Vegas,... Map showing the locations of springs, wells, and waterlines in Las Vegas in 1940.
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Aerial photograph of Union Pacific Railroad yards, Las Vegas, late 1920s Aerial view of Las Vegas and Union Pacific Railroad yards.
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Aerial photograph of Las Vegas looking northeast, circa 1931 Aerial view of Las Vegas looking northeast

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