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Report about flood control in Virgin and Moapa Valleys Narrative that describes nineteen elements of the flood control program in the Virgin and Moapa Valleys.
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Map of 24" C.I. pipe line, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 1943 Map of a new pipeline from the Las Vegas Springs to Las Vegas.
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Letter from A. S. Halsted (Los Angeles) to Mr. Knickerbocker regarding surface and underground water... Halstead believed that if a new well was dug, the railroad and the water company must make sure that all the water from it was appropriated.
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Letter from Frank Strong (Los Angeles) to G. F. Ashby, November 7, 1944 Meeting on water in Las Vegas. Discussion included the decline in water pressure throughout the valley, watershed recharge, BMI Water, a possible water district, well drilling, and more.
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Letter from Walter R. Bracken (Las Vegas) to W. M. Jeffers, November 10, 1944 Letter to the president of the Union Pacific appraising him of why the Las Vegas Land and Water Company was protesting the issuance of new permits to drill wells in the Las Vegas.
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Letter from E. E. Bennett (Los Angeles) to William Reinhardt, December 4, 1951 Detailed discussion of the UP divesting itself of water production facilities to the Las Vegas Land and Water Company. Written in red pencil at the top of the page: "4705-11-22" and "80-Gen."
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Letter from E. E. Bennett to E. G. Bowen (Los Angeles), October 8, 1953 Discussion on the water district's report on the condition of the Las Vegas water supply and their bond issue.
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Letter from Calvin M. Cory (Las Vegas) to Edward C. Renwick, December 20, 1952 Cory expresses the legal opinion that in an artesian basin, if you have a water right then the point of diversion makes no difference.
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Letter from A. M. Folger (Las Vegas) to Frank Strong, June 18, 1948 Folger would like Strong to grant permission to allow the City of Las Vegas to relocate a small portion of the Las Vegas Creek.
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Letter from C. G. Petrie to Al Folger (Las Vegas), June 17, 1948 Letter including proposal to relocate a portion of the Las Vegas Creek.
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Letter from F. R. McNamee (Los Angeles) to Leo McNamee about surface and underground water... Though the deed from Stewart makes no mention of water rights, it was McNamee's opinion that the water was part of the land and went with it.
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Report of flood control work in southern Nevada winter of 1933 & 1934 by Civilian... Report with photos that details flood control work completed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern Nevada during the winter of 1933-34.
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Report, Flood control in the Moapa Valley, circa 1934 Narrative describing the construction of a spillway in the Meadow Valley Wash by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
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Report, Flood control and soil conservation in southern Nevada Brief history of flooding along the Virgin River and a list of work undertaken to prevent or diminish future flooding.
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Report on cooperative irrigation, drainage, and water control educational work in Moapa and Virgin Valleys,... Discussion of the necessity of public education in the Moapa and Virgin valleys in regards to irrigation, drainage, water storage, domestic water, and flood control. Report was written October 10, 1945, attached application was dated February 3, 1945.
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Memo from Thomas A. Campbell to Spencer Butterfield and others about the bond election campaign,... Details of advertising campaign to promote the bond election
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Memo from William Reinhardt about obtaining water from Lake Mead, September 8, 1935 The proposed water district would probably have an easier time getting water from Lake Mead than the privately owned water company. "BCC -- E E Bennett" is written in pencil at the top. Memo has two date stamps from E.E.B....
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Draft report, Las Vegas water supply recommendations, March 31, 1942 Details of twelve recommendations for the railroad to pursue with regards to water in the Las Vegas area. Drafted March 25, 1942, E. E. Bennett's penciled notes added March 31, 1942. Report has an "E.E.B. MAR 31 1942" date stamp.

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