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Final report, Lake Mead monitoring program, July, 1976 Reports of water quality monitoring in Lake Mead
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Letter enclosing report on Las Vegas water supply from Henry Albert (Reno) to Walter R.... Enclosed report entitled Investigation of the water supply of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. On April 24, 1925, by Dr. Henry Albert, Director State Hygienic Laboratory, and Associate Sanitary Engineer, Isadore W. Mendelsohn, U.S. Public Health Service. Date stamp from...
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Las Vegas Valley Water District Report on water supply, October 1949 Detailed 76 page report with charts, tables and calculations on the water situation in the Las Vegas Valley.
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Project development report, Definite plan report on southern Nevada water project, Nevada (first stage), August... Plan for the first stage of the Southern Nevada Water Project, a plan to provide water for projected population growth.
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Final Report, Lake Mead monitoring program, September 1977 Report of water quality monitoring in Lake Mead
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Letter from A. M. Folger to A. E. Cahlan(Las Vegas), March 15, 1948 Results of the test of A. E. Cahlan's water, with a mention of the water testing regime of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company.
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Report on ground water in southeastern Nevada, March 29, 1915 Report with chart, plates, and maps regarding southeast Nevada groundwater. Water-Supply Paper 365

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