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Report, Outline of water supply system at Basic Magnesium, Incorporated, Henderson, Nevada, September 22, 1944 Detailed report with drawings and maps of the water system at Basic Magnesium, Incorporated.
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Proposed improvements and costs of Las Vegas Valley Water District listed by James M. Montgomery... Detailed list by a consulting engineer itemizing costs of proposed improvements by the Las Vegas Valley Water District after the change in ownership of the Las Vegas water facilities.
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Report on Las Vegas water situation from F. H. Knickerbocker (Los Angeles) to W. M.... Comparisons of water supply and use in Las Vegas with future projections. Document compares data on water consumption in 1931 and 1935. Link to Bracken's letter referred to in this document is in the references field.
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Letter from Frank Strong (Los Angeles) to G. F. Ashby, November 7, 1944 Meeting on water in Las Vegas. Discussion included the decline in water pressure throughout the valley, watershed recharge, BMI Water, a possible water district, well drilling, and more.
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Press release about proposed expenditures from bond issue, Clark County, Nevada, 1953 News announcement release of the Las Vegas Valley Water District's spending plans for money raised from a $8,700,000 bond issue. The list was compiled by the district consulting engineer, James M. Montgomery and included improvement projects and their estimated cost....
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Letter from W. H. Johnson (Las Vegas) to William Reinhardt (Los Angeles), December 17, 1951 Letter discussing the leasing of water and how all involved parties were optimistic about the deal.
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Letter from C. R. Gray (Omaha) to W. M. Jeffers (Omaha) and A. S. Halsted... The Union Pacific Railroad president directs that the new pipeline to Industrial Unit No. 1 be placed under the ownership of the Las Vegas Land and Water Company as it would be more beneficial for tax purposes.
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Agreement between Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company and Las Vegas Land and Water... Agreement for the railroad to deliver water and power for the water company to sell in Las Vegas. Covering easement to carry water through Railroad Company's water pipelines from Las Vegas Springs, artesian well and other sources to a connection...
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Las Vegas Valley Water District's estimate of required revenues for period 1954-1963 Chart showing estimated users, operating costs, revenues, surplus, and more.
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Report, Water facilities at Las Vegas: reproduction costs, May 9, 1951 Value of water production facilities of the railroad and the water company minus depreciation as of December 31, 1950.

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